5 Reasons Real Estate Agents Struggle To Convert Leads – Episode 243

Do you struggle with converting leads? You love to market, run Facebook Ads, host open houses, but actually getting people to the closing table is a struggle for you.  In today’s episode, I’m going to expose 5 reasons that might be holding you back. 

Two different types of agents. Ones that are great at marketing and generating leads, but they are horrible about converting them.  Ones who convert leads, it’s all they think about. But they constantly feel they are behind with marketing. 

Today I want to talk about why agents that love to market themselves are struggling to convert leads…

  1. Fear of rejection. We think we avoid it because we don’t dial for dollars, but think about it. Do you avoid clients, followup, because you’re afraid they will reject you?
  2. You are afraid if you reel a lead-in, you‘ll have to actually go work, and show a house. You need to hire a showing assistant. Build a business. 
  3. Confidence that you know what you’re doing- call reluctance
  4. Overcomplicating the sale process. 
  5. Your leads are getting lost in a CRM.  Get a spreadsheet and MatchMake.  

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