A Foolproof Strategy to Achieve Your Goals – Episode #226

Are you ready to find a way to set yourself up for success and achieve your goals for 2020? Everyone sets goals for the new year and start the year excited. Reaching our goals is no easy task and by the time you reach March, we’re often off track and feel ready to give up. In this episode of Agent Rise, I’ll share a strategy I learned for achieving goals and making this year better than the last!

Compete against yourself—no one else

The only person you want to be better than is the person you were yesterday. You can’t play the comparison game. When you start comparing yourself to others, it gets in your head, hurts you, and derails your progress. It doesn’t matter what other agents are achieving. It doesn’t matter if a newer agent is closing more sales. All you need to focus on is what you’re doing.

Achieve your goals with THIS strategy

Mike Zilli first introduced me to this strategy, and I KNEW I needed to share it with my listeners. You start by taking a piece of paper (or use a whiteboard, excel spreadsheet, etc.) and you separate it into two sides. On the left-hand side, write out each month of the year and how many houses you closed each month. On the right-hand side, leave blank space for what you will accomplish this year.

The goal is to simply achieve more than last year. Do you want to sell 5 more homes? Then 5 months this year you need to close on an extra home. You want to stay as consistent at reaching your monthly goals as possible. But if you have an off month, this strategy allows you to add another month and get back on track.

You must set a realistic goal (25%+ increase) and map out what needs to be done monthly. Even if you win 9 months and lose 3, that’s still 6 more transactions than your previous year. THAT is goal achievement—with the added bonus of not throwing your goals out the window.

Work backward from your goals to find clarity

So what is the easiest way to start reaching some of those goals? You need to work backward from your goal and clarify the metrics—the building blocks to hit each goal.

Here’s an example from a recent coaching session:

This particular gal does open-houses for her chase pillar. We looked at how many leads she needed (search criteria she needed to fulfill) to reach her projected income goal. This helped determine how many open houses were necessary. It’s an easy way to simplify the process and make it less daunting.

Don’t allow yourself to get defeated. Simply work on being better than last year and always remember you’re only competing against yourself.

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Outline of this great episode

  • [0:30] Make this year better than last year
  • [1:35] Compete against yourself
  • [3:50] The foolproof strategy
  • [7:45] Work backward from your goals

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