Agent BreakThrough Week

If you’re like most real estate agents, your breakthrough is right around the corner. You’re a few key steps away from getting to where you dream of being. You are moments away. Many different breakthroughs are available to you to take you to heights you never imagined were possible. I want to help you discover these possibilities, and help you achieve your breakthrough. Starting on September 13th, for five days in a row, I am going to bring you one amazing breakthrough after another to help you see what you can do. Each episode will be listed below available as a podcast.  You won’t want to miss these stories; you won’t want to miss finding the path to your own breakthrough!

BONUS: Agent Breakthrough Week – Featuring TJ McGraw – Episode 311

Today we are featuring TJ McGraw who went from 4 to 24 transactions in one year, has started a team, and has started coaching other agents through his podcast, Agent Mind. Mindset is everything to TJ and he has so much to share. Can’t think of a better way to kick off Agent Breakthrough Week!

BONUS: Agent Breakthrough Week – Featuring Paige Corbett – Episode 312

Paige has 5x her business since joining Agent Rise and she has come to the end of the Agent Rise Steps to turn her business into serving her sphere and referrals only, along with handing her chase pillar (Facebook leads) off to a team. Only two years into the business and breaking through in so many ways. Can’t wait for you to hear Paige’s story!

BONUS: Agent Breakthrough Week – Featuring Travis Moddison – Episode 313

Today, you are in for another treat. Travis Moddison share’s his amazing breakthrough story. After many years as a high school band director and music teacher, Travis decided to quit this full-time job, and become a real estate agent. He followed the Agent Rise Steps to an exact T, fought through major adversity, but stayed committed, and did matchmaking daily. In the process, he put together one accepted offer after another—to the point where he has already closed 7 transactions and has another 8 in pending! That’s 15 transactions in only 6 months!!

BONUS: Agent Breakthrough Week – Featuring Mindi Kessenich – Episode 314

Agent Breakthrough Week continues today as we bring on Mindi Kessenich who has gone from almost quitting – to – building her personal sales to heights she never thought was possible, has built a team of 9 amazing agents, bought a second home in Florida, a third home on a lake in Wisconsin, and continues to fulfill her love of traveling all within the last year and a half. She has done this by changing her mindset, living in a constant state of growth, and staying committed to her clients to build one raving fan after another. I have witnessed many breakthroughs, but this one is definitely one of my favorites. I can’t wait for you to hear her story, the adversity she faced, and how she continues to go to new heights!

BONUS: Agent Breakthrough Week – Featuring Jeremy Allen – Episode 315

Agent Breakthrough Week continues today as we bring on Jermey Allen who had a good business going, doing about 25 deals a year. He was doing good, but he knew there was more. He knew he had more potential to serve more. Even though he was a member of another coaching program, he decided to join Agent Rise. One year after jumping into Agent Rise, he doubled his business and broke through to heights he never imagined were possible. Discover what it was that led to his breakthrough. Jeremy’s story is beyond awesome and I can’t wait for you to hear what it was that made a huge difference.

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