Agent Rise Breakthrough Week Jan 24-28 2022

Agent Rise Breakthrough Week

Agent Rise Breakthrough Week is a special Agent Rise Podcast interview series. Bringing you real stories of agents that have ‘broken through’ and created a business they love.  They went from struggling or being stuck, they put in the work to create a plan congruent to them and now they are loving their business and want to share their success.

Below are links to the podcast episode of each agent who was featured:



How to build a real estate business

Christian Harris

What if your business was showing results but it wasn’t very consistent or it felt like it was “on accident”?
Christian Harris was spinning his wheels, he was frustrated and losing energy trying to do everything to make his business a success. Ever felt like that?🙋
AND now fast forward to today, Christian has focus and clarity. The commission roller coaster has ended, he’s working less hours, and has more hours with his family creating memories. 🙌🙌
I’m so excited to share how he did it during our Agent Rise Breakthrough Week!
Listen to Christian Story – CLICK HERE


How coaching SHOULD work for real estate agents

Jeff West

Why wasn’t the coaching working for Jeff?

Jeff West is an agent in Grants Pass OR, and he’d invested in a few coaching programs. While he learned from them, nothing really changed in his life.

In 2020, he decided to give coaching one more try, and scheduled a call with Neil.  He was ready to take his business to the next level, and build something he once only dreamed of.

Now Jeff has built a business that he LOVES. He has support so he can consistently create opportunities, and as a result he is less stressed and has more time with his family.

Listen to Jeff Story – CLICK HERE

How to be a great agent WITHOUT BEING SALESY

Rory Pitts

How can you be an agent without being salesy? 

For Rory Pitts, he was just scraping by as an agent and barely making it all work. He didn’t want to be salesy or flashy, but in order to support everyone in his life, he felt he had to if he want to be successful. Could he be true to himself and be there for his family, all while making the living he dreamed of? Ever felt like that? 🙋

Now, while being authentically himself, he has built a business that he LOVES. He established boundaries and actively schedules vacations and family time.  As a result he has earned trust with clients and now the majority of his business comes from repeat business and people referring him.  

I’m so excited to share how he did it during our Agent Rise Breakthrough Week! 

Listen to Rory’s Story – CLICK HERE

How to form good habits to PROPEL INTO LIFE! Featuring Aaron Cherry

Aaron Cherry

Who else has struggled with consistent habits?👇 I know I did. 

Aaron Cherry was a new agent yet to form any bad habits, but didn’t really have any good ones either.  Being new made him want to try everything, which didn’t allow him to be consistent with anything. Ever felt like that?🙋

Now Aaron has great habits formed, many systems in place, and is ready for more growth. He has great client relationships with many raving fans who love to refer him, because he’s so focused on his client’s experience. With great habits, systems in place, and happy clients,  Aaron has truly built a business he LOVES! 

Listen to Aaron’s Story – CLICK HERE

The COURAGE to keep going when the start is hard - Featuring Adaya Shawnego - Episode 337

Adaya Shawnego

Have you ever been stuck right after you started?

When Adaya started as a new agent she spun her wheels for a few months. Nothing was working. It was getting so scary that she almost quit and returned to her old job waiting tables. She was stressed and her family could feel it. Ever been there?

Thankfully she didn’t quit, and instead she dove into group coaching. Now, five months later she has had 7 closings!! Meanwhile she has boundaries in her business, she doesn’t fake it until she makes it, her clients rave about her, and she has truly built a business that she loves. AND she hasn’t even been an agent for a year!

I’m so excited to share how she did it during our Agent Rise Breakthrough Week!

Listen to Adaya’s Story – CLICK HERE

How to build a real estate business you love without

Bonus Panel with Michelle, Aimee, Erin

Does being told to HUSTLE MORE make you sick?

For Michele, Erin, and Aimee the thought of hustling more wasn’t in the cards with raising a family. They wanted to make a great income, but more importantly, they wanted time freedom to be a good parent. For most of their career, they didn’t believe they could have BOTH a great income AND time freedom to enjoy their family.

Fast forward to today, all three have built a business that they love. One that provides for their family, AND gives them time to enjoy their family. Want to know how they did it?

I’m so excited to share how they did it during our Agent Rise Breakthrough Week!

Listen to these Stories – CLICK HERE


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