Business Growth from the Ground up with Zach and Ally Figiel: Riser’s of the Month – Episode #207

Have you ever been so invested in business growth that you’re left eating 69 cent crackers from the gas station? Ally—one of this month’s risers—was so broke trying to launch her real estate business that she would go to broker open houses for the free meals. This episode of Agent Rise focuses on the tenacity she and her husband Zach have. They prove that you can build a business from absolutely nothing but drive and resolve.

Their business growth started with significant change

Zach and Ally were always stressed and anxiously awaiting for inspections to go through and sales to happen. There were many times where our coaching meetings started with the phrase “we’re going to quit”. There were many things they hated about the business and they were struggling to stay above water.

But I wouldn’t let them quit.

Real Estate agents are trained to knock on doors, cold-call people, and chase down family and friends. They thought it was the way things had to be. When they realized they could do things differently their eyes were opened. Fear no longer had to rule them. Keep listening as we talk about the things they got clarity on.

How being vulnerable can open doors

Zach & Ally have a sense of humor that I love. They are open and vulnerable and the same online as they are in person. When they first started they thought they had to keep up a persona—polished, proper and professional. While these things can be important, it’s more important to be yourself.

People know when you aren’t being authentic.

So don’t be something you’re not! They learned that being real and sharing stories from their life draws people in like nothing else can. It allows them to relax and open up. You want to allow people to take a journey with you—and in the process, you begin to build a community that trusts you.

Invest in your sphere of influence and create a community

Zach and Ally put have done cold-calling and open houses, but what they’ve found most successful for them is just being present in their community. They began investing their time and money into a Facebook group. Ally writes a “letter from the heart” every month—even when people move they ask her to continue sending it.

They connect with and truly care about the community that they’ve built. 

And you know what? They love what they’re doing. They send out personalized monthly emails to clients. They do giveaways on their Facebook page. Zach and Ally even launched a real estate YouTube channel to give value to clients. If any of these things are strategies you’ve considered implementing—give it a shot. You never know if it will transform your business.

The big things Zach and Ally have learned

Zach and Ally give some simple advice that I recommend as well: Do not give up—find a way to push through. Get a clear plan for your business in place. As you continue to grow, consider hiring a transaction coordinator. They made the leap to hire a coordinator and it’s transformed their business. Their transactions are in her capable hands and it’s a weight off their shoulders.

The #1 thing they recommend?

Reach out to agents that you look up to for encouragement. It’s a difficult business to be in, and sometimes you need someone to remind you that there is light on the other side. Focus on what you can control, and let go of everything else. When you get to a place when you’re finding success remember to encourage others who are struggling. Because you’ve been there—and have come out on the other side stronger and full of hope.

Outline of this great episode

  • [2:40] I introduce my Risers of the month: Zach and Ally Figiel
  • [3:30] Where Zach and Ally started
  • [5:40] Overcoming anxiety and stress
  • [7:20] Find a way to break through
  • [9:35] How being vulnerable can open doors
  • [15:15] Invest in and build a community
  • [18:40] What to do when you’re first starting
  • [22:00] Remember to reach out and encourage others

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