Creating Curiosity & Conversations with your Content – Featuring Sue “Pinky” Benson

Creating Curiosity & Conversations with your Content & Mastering Real Estate Social Media: Insights from Sue “Pinky” Benson

Welcome to another episode of the Agent Rise Podcast! In this session, co-hosts Neil Mathweg and TJ McGraw are joined by the dynamic Sue “Pinky” Benson, a well-known figure in the real estate community, especially on Instagram. Although this episode was meant to be released before the Agent Rise Summit, the content remains invaluable for those who missed the event or are looking for actionable social media strategies.

Why Social Media Matters for Real Estate Agents

Pinky emphasizes that social media is not just a platform for posting listings but a space to create curiosity and spark conversations. She notes that many agents fall into the trap of posting generic, uninspiring graphics and wonder why they fail to engage their audience. The key is to create content that intrigues people and prompts them to interact, ultimately leading to more business.

Overcoming the Fear of Creating Content

One of the biggest hurdles real estate agents face is the fear of being judged or trolled online. Pinky advises agents to accept that not everyone will like them, and that’s okay. The focus should be on providing value and answering the questions potential clients are searching for. She shares inspiring success stories, like that of Don in Utah, who went from not knowing how to use a camera to creating advanced videos that have significantly boosted his business.

The Power of Time Blocking and Multipurposing Content

Balancing content creation with the demands of real estate work can be challenging. Pinky shares her strategy of time blocking, dedicating specific times for creating and planning content. She also highlights the importance of multipurposing content. For instance, when visiting a property for a listing appointment, use that time to create multiple pieces of content, from walkthrough videos to live streams. This efficient use of time ensures that you always have a bank of content ready to post.

Consistency is Key

Pinky’s success story underscores the importance of consistency. She shares how being consistent with her social media efforts over the years has not only built her brand but also directly led to significant business opportunities, like the sale of a $2.3 million condo. Agents are encouraged to think of social media like a postcard campaign – it requires ongoing effort and consistency to see results.

Practical Tips for Getting Started

For agents looking to get started, Pinky suggests a simple yet effective tip: set a daily reminder on your phone asking, “What video did I record today?” This keeps content creation top of mind and helps build the habit of regularly producing content. Remember, you don’t need to post immediately; having a stash of videos ready ensures you can maintain a consistent posting schedule.

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