Don’t Overcomplicate: Keep it Simple – Episode #217

It is so easy to overcomplicate this business and lose focus on what is really important. It’s quite simple: you need to understand what consumers want and give it to them. You can simplify and structure your business in a way that does just that. If you want to learn my key tips, listen to this episode of the Agent Rise Podcast!

Buyers wanna buy, sellers wanna sell

It is as simple as buyers wanna buy, sellers wanna sell. One of my biggest pet peeves is when agents call buyers with nothing of value to offer. They just want to “stay in the loop”. What a waste of the buyers’ time! They don’t want to see your phone call and be let down because you just wanted to check-in.

They want to pick up the phone and hear you say “I’ve found what you’ve been looking for”.

Do you know what you need to do that? Their search criteria. If you take the time to connect with them about what they’re looking for and listen, you can deliver what they actually want. You do not want to fall into the category of wasted time.

You’re the guide—not the hero

The basics of StoryBrand marketing is this: Your client is the hero of the epic. They are the most important part of their story. Many agents are too focused on touting their abilities. “I’m the best at _______” OR “No other agency can offer you ______”.

Stop making this about you!

You’re not the hero—you are the guide. You are the person they’re hiring to guide them through the process and help them find their dream home. Learn to position yourself correctly, or you’ll continue to find potential clients choosing someone else over you.

Learn to be empathetic

Guess what? The buying process can be scary. As an agent, you need to learn to be empathetic to a buyer’s feelings. Some of the questions that could be going through a buyers mind include:

What if I don’t get this house?

What if I don’t get approved for a loan or mortgage?

What if something is found in the inspection that’s a deal-breaker? 

You need to ask more questions, understand where their concerns lie and empathize with them. Recommend a great lender who will make the process easy. Let them know what the inspection process looks like. Find ways to ease their fear.

If something goes terribly wrong, remind them that you’ll work through it with them.

Don’t Overcomplicate: Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS)

I’m sure you’ve heard this principle before. It’s all about simplifying the process, not overcomplicating it. Remember that it’s not all about you. Unfortunately,I see this a lot in agent presentations. Instead of finding out what a seller is looking for, they brag about their services.

“WE have the best high-end photography. WE will provide impeccable drone video. WE throw the best open houses”

Guess what? Your seller may not want anything you have to offer. Stop assuming what they want—and ask! My favorite question is “Have you seen marketing on another listing that you really appreciated?” Simple, easy, and client-focused.

Want to learn more? Listen to this episode of the Agent Rise Podcast now!

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:30] Avoid complicating this business
  • [1:30] Buyers wanna buy, sellers wanna sell
  • [3:55] Anticipate and fill the need
  • [6:30] You don’t need permission
  • [7:20] The StoryBrand Process
  • [8:35] You must learn empathy
  • [11:30] Keep it Simple Stupid!

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