Finding Opportunities in a Tight Real Estate Market – Part 1 – Episode 393

Finding Opportunities in a Tight Real Estate Market”

In this episode of the Agent Rise podcast, co-hosts Neil Mathweg and Mindy Kessenich discuss the current state of the real estate market and the opportunities it presents. They liken the market to a balloon that, when squeezed in one area, shrinks, but expands in another. Despite the market being tight and inventory low, they believe there are still ample opportunities to be found.

In this episode, we’ll share three opportunities we see right now.  One such opportunity they discuss is working with investors. While interest rates may be higher, rents are also increasing, making investment properties a viable option. Many people are holding onto their current homes due to low interest rates and may be interested in investing in real estate in other ways.

The importance of looking for opportunities rather than dwelling on the challenges presented by the current market. By focusing on what you can control and being open to new possibilities, you can continue to thrive in the real estate industry.

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