Fruit Is In The Followup For A Real Estate Agent – Episode 247

If you’re like most real estate agents staying in touch with a buyer to the day they are ready to buy can be difficult. We know the fruit is in the followup, but we often lack the system in doing so. Drip campaigns are great, but when your email goes to spam your email does no good. Then add the fact that the average buyer meets seven agents before they buy, how do we assure we’re the agent they hire when they buy their house? Today we are going to cover this and I’m going to present you with a challenge.

Today we are going to talk about coming up with a followup plan that helps you close more deals every year. I’m also going to present a challenge to you. I’ll tell you all about it but first…Why do we struggle with following up with people and staying in close contact with them until they are ready to buy?

  1. We don’t understand the dream phase and we want instant gratification.
  2. When someone doesn’t return our call we overthink it.
  3. We don’t give the customer what they want.

We are sleeping in the harvest and I want to help put an end to this. I want to help you convert more leads and have an idea to start a conversion challenge. I want to help you get 3 accepted offers in 21 days. One a week! I want to help you form a habit.

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