Gary V’s Top Productivity Tip Isn’t What You’d Expect – Episode #192

192 - Gary V’s Top Productivity Tip Isn’t What You’d Expect (1)

Gary V is a big-time successful entrepreneur who you’d expect to have a great productivity tip or two to share – and he does. But I recently saw a video of him being asked for his top productivity tips and the first one he mentioned blew me away because it wasn’t what I expected to hear from him. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized there was a reason he gave it as the very first tip – it’s the most important one. When you have it in place, it shapes the way you apply all the others. What was his #1 tip? Practice gratitude.

On this episode of Agent Rise, I’m going to walk you through Gary’s 6 productivity tips and give you my thoughts about how they play into a real estate business. At the end, I’m going to invite you to interact with me about these things because I believe that together, we can put them to work in our lives and make our businesses soar.

Gary V’s #1 productivity tip: Be grateful

How is being grateful a productivity tip? Maybe an attitude tip or a success tip, but productivity? Yes, productivity. When we are able to approach our business with an attitude of gratitude we’re able to put things into perspective. Let’s look at an example…

If you are able to find those things you’re grateful for about the way your business is running, or where you’ve come from over the past few years, you’re going to find that those are the things that are going well. They are the things that are encouraging to you, that are having the biggest impact. In doing so, you’ve also discovered the things that matter the most to your business, which helps you to prioritize to a greater degree. Now you are set up to be more productive because you know what really matters.

Being grateful can increase your team’s productivity too

All of us are in business to serve people, right? We’re also building teams of people who can help us do that. And none of us want our teams to feel we disregard them or don’t appreciate them. Gary V’s first productivity tip applies to our interactions with our teams because the more grateful we are for the people on our team and the more we express that appreciation to them, the better they serve our clients.

Think about it – when you feel appreciated by your boss you are more motivated to work, to do well, to accomplish more. It’s the same way for the members of your team. But it also applies if you’re part of the team and not the leader. One member of my team excels at gift giving and has inspired and motivated me to get better at it myself. It’s an amazing example of how gratitude for one area or person bleeds over into gratitude across the entire team – and amplifies your productivity.

99% of things don’t matter, but they rob you of your joy

Another productivity tip Gary V shared is to remember that 99% of things don’t matter. What’s he saying? We need to learn to relax, to take the pressure off ourselves so that we can clear away the fog of busy-ness in order to see the 1% of things that actually DO matter. When we can see those things clearly, we are more clear on what we need to work on to move the business forward – and THAT equals greater productivity.

So take stock of your business and your life with that truth in mind. Most of what you stress about won’t matter much in the end. It’s like worry – we worry about things that might happen but never do, which means we’ve wasted all that time and energy on something that was nothing more than a misplaced emotion. Break out of that cycle and watch your productivity soar as you focus on what really matters.

Figure out what’s driving your business and do it well.

Every business, including your real estate business, has many parts to it. As an example, you may have noticed that I teach 10 Agent Rise steps – things to focus on to make your real estate business thrive. But none of us can focus on all of those things at once. We need to select the one that has the most impact and focus on it until we have it down really well.

So take the time to look through your business and figure out what’s driving it. In most cases, it’s your attraction pillar or your chase pillar. Double-down on that. Make it a priority and make it the most excellent part of what you do. Then you will be ready to move ahead to the other things, adding brick by brick to your strategy until it’s all in place and functioning smoothly.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:31] A new perspective about being productive rather than being busy
  • [3:28] Gary’s 6 tips for being more productive
  • [5:08] Why being grateful for where you are in business is so powerful
  • [7:47] Avoid getting caught up in what’s going wrong because 99% don’t matter
  • [12:14] What is driving your business? Do you do it well?
  • [14:23] Build your sphere of influence list around people you like

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