How I lost over 100lbs without dieting (and how it can help you as a real estate agent) – Episode 396

In this podcast episode, Neil shares his story of how he lost over 100 pounds without dieting and how it can help real estate agents. He explains that he had tried almost every diet and lifestyle tip on weight loss but was still not successful. He realized that he needed to change his thinking and asked himself the question, “What do healthy people do?” This led him to make a list of things that healthy people do, such as drinking lots of water, wearing Fitbits, eating small portions of the right food, getting enough sleep, meditating, and taking cold showers. He then started doing what healthy people do and making decisions based on the question, “What do healthy people do?” He encourages others to do the same, and by changing their thinking, they can also become healthier and happier.  Now, what does this have to do with your real estate business?  You’ll have to listen to this episode!

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