How Real Estate Agents Can Create Your Own Inventory In 2022 (Final Part) – Episode 345

How Real Estate Agents Can Create Your Own Inventory In 2022 (Final Part) - Episode 345

If you’re like most agents right now, you are exhausted from this market. 5-10-15 offers later, you finally got those buyers into a house. It’s exhausting.

We must create our own inventory. Homes on the MLS are selling too fast and it’s too fierce to rely on that alone. Everything changes when you’re buying a home that’s not on the MLS. We all know that, but the thought of looking off the MLS is even more exhausting.

How do we keep going? How do we thrive in this market?

It’s like we are used to going to the grocery store to get our produce, but now we have to go to the farmer’s field to get that same produce. The MLS used to provide for us. We would have a buyer, we’d bring them to the MLS, and they would pick a house after looking at 10-15 of them. Easy peasy, right?

Now today, you take that same buyer to the market, it’s a line out the door to get in, and once you do get in, the shelves are empty (because the inventory sells so fast). Meanwhile, everyone is screaming “They’ll pay more!”

You have a choice. You can go home—wait for the market to calm down, wait for demand to slow, wait for more inventory to arrive. Or, you can become a farmer, and go out into the field and grow your own.

I get it, none of us want to do it! We don’t want to be farmers. We want to just bring our buyers to the market. I get it, it’s like another part time job! It’s like another pillar. We are defeated, we just want to go to the market, we don’t want to be farmers!

But here is the good news – limitations bring opportunity. Difficult times like this will bring a skill that you’ll use the rest of your career. If you get good, get a system in place to find an off market house to bring to your buyers, get so good at it that you become the biggest farmer in town.

Where are you farming? Where are you looking for inventory?

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