How Real Estate Agents Should Shift In A High Interest Rate Market – Part 2 – Episode 376

How Real Estate Agents Should Shift In A High Interest Rate Market If you’re like most real estate agents, your market is shifting before your eyes.  With interest rates up over 7% we’re seeing buyer demand pull way back and homes taking longer to sell.  How do we navigate through this shift and how do you as an agent position you’re self to flourish?

In this episode, we cover the realization that…

“Low interest rates weren’t FREE” – Mindi Sue Kessenich
It came at the cost of:
👉 Paying over asking, sometimes $50k $100k more
👉 It often came with having to wave inspection to stand out from the other offers.
👉 It often came with no terms in favor of the buyer.
👉It came with a horrible shopping experience that left most buyers exhausted and burnt out. It’s left most agents beyond exhausted, many with PTSD and little desire to enjoy their careers.
Today the market is so much better for buyers –
👉 better deals, well at least not paying over ask
👉 better terms, can actually have an inspection
👉 and way better shopping experience. You can actually negotiate. There is enough inventory to pick from.
The ONLY con is the interest rates.
But here is the thing… we can actually do something about the interest rates. We couldn’t do anything to cool the sellers’ market. Get excited we can do something about interest rates.
What lender has the best deal? We can do something about the rates:
👉 Buydowns
👉 ARM’s
👉 Assumable VA, FHA, and USDA Loans
👉 n/a for a cash buyer
Agents, don’t be afraid of high interest rates, and instead, take the energy and go find the best deals from lenders. Understand the best deals and be the agent that really helps buyers find the best rates and plans.

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