How to Gain Clarity for Your Business in 2020 – Episode #224

This episode of Agent Rise is a mashup of some important things that will help you gain clarity in your business strategy for 2020. I’ll talk about the difference between being taught and being coached and why each has its place. I’ll talk about the sphere, chase, and attraction pillars you build your business on. I spend some time on the attraction pillar—which I rarely delve deep on, so be sure to check out this episode!

How is being coached so different from being taught?

When you are being taught, you are learning from a teacher. You’re going to seminars or watching webinars. You’re reading books or listening to podcasts. You are actively learning—but sometimes it’s information overload. It is hard to process all of the incoming information if you are not doing what you’re learning.

That’s where coaching is different. You are putting into action the different strategies you have learned. You’re implementing them in your business, with someone coming alongside you to help you through the process. A good coach watches your business and helps you grow it.

Listen as I walk through some analogies that will help you better understand the difference between the two and why coaching is so important for your business.

The sphere of influence should always be the cornerstone of your business

Your sphere of influence is something I talk about a lot because it is so important. 80% or more of your business comes from your sphere of influence. Let that fact sink in. If you’re not sending out monthly mailings or running an email campaign to your sphere, you’re neglecting them.

You NEED to do client events. You NEED to call your sphere and connect with them.

If you don’t have a dedicated sphere of influence, the #1 thing you must do is start building a database. Referrals, partnerships, and relationships are what build your business and sustain it. It’s time to level up! I talk about a nifty way you can run a VIP Facebook group and keep your members engaged with you—so keep listening!

Buyers don’t want agents—they want a house

While you are chasing clients and buyers—they are chasing a house. They aren’t looking for a killer agent, they’re looking for someone who is the bridge to their future home. Your goal as an agent is to connect with people, then give them what they want. There are 4 areas you can focus on with your chase pillar: open houses, Facebook ads, online leads, and FSBO’s and expired leads.

Here are a couple of ways you can up your game as you focus on your chase pillar:

  1. Facebook ads: Facebook ads are becoming challenging. The number of ads allowed is decreasing and the price is skyrocketing. With the rising costs, there is less competition and more opportunity. So how do you leverage that? Launch video content on your channel. You can target ads to people who have watched and interacted with your content!
  2. Open Houses: Do more than one in a weekend. You need to increase your batting average. You can have one open house that gets poor traffic, but the next day you could walk away with 6 leads. Do more open houses and you’ll increase your leads.

The chase pillar is what drives your business at the beginning of the year. So invest time in it and always remember that the end goal isn’t landing a new client, but matching them with their perfect home.

The direction of the attraction pillar

You know that I rarely talk about the attraction pillar because I believe it can develop into more of a distraction. But I can see the value of developing an engaged following. Engagement is key.

So where do I think you should invest your time with the attraction pillar? Here are some options:

  1. Facebook Live: It’s been around for a couple of years and I felt like its popularity was starting to wane. But you can still leverage it by focusing on engaging followers. I used to hose “Mathweg Monday Trivia” to interact with people and encourage response on my posts (listen for a couple of Facebook Live examples)
  2. YouTube videos: “how-to” videos, tips, and teaching videos are becoming popular. If video is your medium and it fits best on YouTube’s platform—give it a shot. Karin Carr runs Youtube for Agents and gives invaluable advice on the subject. Check her out for some more ideas!
  3. LinkedIn: Don’t forget about LinkedIn! In 2019, I more than tripled my connections on LinkedIn from 1,000 to over 4,000. This culminated in well over 100 in-person meetings. Don’t ignore or underplay it’s value!

The attraction pillar can be a distraction if you let it be. But it can also be a wonderful tool to connect with people and stay in their line of sight, so when they are looking for a home they remember and connect with you.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:30] Get some clarity in 2020
  • [2:15] The difference between teaching and coaching
  • [3:55] The Sphere of influence
  • [7:05] How to focus on the Chase Pillar
  • [12:20] The attraction pillar on Facebook
  • [17:45] Should you consider YouTube?
  • [19:00] Don’t ignore LinkedIn!

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