How To Keep Going When Everything Seems To Be Falling Apart – Episode #233

The other day I had an agent ask, “How do you keep the balance/focus/abundance and positive mindset when one lead after another go the other direction.”  She said, “I’ve had 8 potential deals “new solid leads” buy/sell or just a sell and buy etc. and recently they all start to fizzle out. Excuses start to come “Oh we are going to keep renting, oh we have decided to move next year now, Oh we have decided to just keep our place for the time being. Just really weird things but how do you keep the mindset of “abundance, there is more, keep pushing, the next deal will come”.

The percentage of lead to close ratio is less than you think. 

Most agents think they close 80% or more the leads that are pre-approved and ready to go. When the truth is the number is actually closer to 20%. 

Dream Phase Just Got Extended

You’ll find that most buyers will come back, it’s only because their dream phase was extended. Some buyers will buy in the beginning of a dream phase, and some will extend their dream phase. Regardless, you need to stick with them throughout this process. 

Continue to MatchMake

The first report is not the last report. When someone says they want to take a break. Understand that they pretty much just want to stop wasting your time, they want to hit the pause button on looking, but deep down the dream remains alive. Continue to search for them. When you call them acknowledge they are taking a break, but say, “I found this one and thought of you. I understand you’re on the sidelines, but I couldn’t resist at least letting you know.”  Just don’t make the mistake of checking them off, and waiting for them to call you to re-engage. You just never know when the right house will kick start their search again. 

It’s all about relationships 

In the end, you have to realize that someone that has reached out to you to buy or sell has taken a very big step in the relationship department. To many of us have taken this for granted. It’s important that you stick with them.

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