How to use social media to sell real estate

Social media. Sometimes it’s tough to find the right groove as a real estate agent. We can get stuck in the routine of posting just listed, just sold, look at me, sold another one, type content. It gets old, and our audience is looking for something better. 

This week on Agent Rise Coast to Coast we go to Cocoa Beach, Florida and meet up with real estate agent Eric Larkin.  He has figured out how to do social media with a purpose, and this leads him to experience amazing results.

One thing I noticed right away about Eric is that he is amazing at selling the lifestyle of Cocoa Beach. Flip flops and t-shirt work for him. Why? His clients want the lifestyle Eric has. How he dresses actually helps him sell more real estate.

Beyond the flip flops, he is constantly updating his social feeds with amazing shots from the beach, sunrises (because he is on the Atlantic side of Florida), shuttle launches (because he is near SpaceX launch site), turtle trails on the beach, seashells and much more.

He uses hashtags with excellence. For example, he tags other local businesses to include them and increase engagement around his posts.

In addition to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Eric has also devoted a lot of time to his YouTube channel. On this channel he provides insight such as cost of living in Cocoa Beach, moving to Cocoa Beach, living in Cocoa Beach, and the list goes on. He is doing YouTube the right way.

The result? Eric sells a lot of real estate in Cocoa Beach.

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