Implement a Power Promise in Your Life Now! – Episode #211

Today I’m building on last week’s episode and talking about the concept of the power promiseand why you need to implement it now. Stop the endless cycle of losing belief in yourself, and begin to build up your ‘promise momentum’. In this episode of Agent Rise, I cover what a power promise is and practical ways you can begin to keep promises to yourself.

Building up your ‘promise momentum’

“Every time you say you’re gonna do something and don’t, you lose more belief in yourself” — Chris and Heidi Powell

Let’s be real here. The promises you make to yourself are just as important as the promises you make to others. It’s easy to embody integrity when you’re doing something for a client—but then you let the ball drop in your own life.

If you’re ready to stop breaking the promises you make to yourself, you need to start building promise momentum. So what does that look like? Start with one simple promise—one itty bitty little thing you can do every single day—and complete it.

Little-by-little the promises you keep to yourself begin to snowball and your belief in yourself will skyrocket. Trust me.

Bring back your morning routine

I’ve been sticking to the same morning routine for almost 11 years now. I wake up every day and listen to a podcast, pray, and meditate. Is there a morning routine that sets your day up for success? When I stray from my routine it affects every part of my day negatively.

If you’ve never stuck to a morning routine, implement one now! There is power in consistency. Not only that, but what you do can greatly impact your personal development as well!

Wake up and make your bed (power promise), brush your teeth (another power promise) and starting reading, praying, meditating—whatever fills you up and propels you into the day. Keep listening as I share a story about the power of routine.

Practical ways for agents to implement a power promise

Maybe you already understand and/or utilize power promises. Maybe you have a morning routine that you stick to. But do you know how to take these concepts and implement them into your business?

It’s time to start to follow-through on these practices in your business, too!

Match-make every single day.

Start a video series or podcast you’ve been thinking about. 

Engage fully in the coaching process.

I work with a part-time realtor who has promised to set aside time every single day so she can quit her full-time job and focus all her efforts into the business. What can you do every day to invest in power promises for your business?

There is a reason for the ‘Day-Blocking System’

As part of my boot camp and coaching process, I work with you to develop a custom day-block system for your business. What could that look like?

  • Monday: Work on your hot leads.
  • Tuesday: Connect with clients and give them updates.
  • Wednesday: Work on your sphere of influence: Call 5-10 people.
  • Thursday: Work on your attraction pillar (prep for open-houses over the weekend)
  • Friday: Today can be dedicated to working on your attraction pillar. 

As your power promise momentum spills over from your personal life and into your business it will make an impact. On the flip-side, if you don’t keep your promises, everything will unravel.

Jump into the Facebook group and share with me the promises you will commit to! I want to hear what you’re doing. Listen to the whole episode to hear how I’m building power promises into my everyday life.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:30] Revisiting the concept of the power promise
  • [4:40] Building promise momentum with a morning routine
  • [9:20] Practical ways to implement power promises
  • [13:20] Use a Day-Block System customized to you
  • [16:20] How I’m integrating the concept into my life

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