Is A Real Estate Career STILL The Right Fit For You? – Episode #197

It’s not uncommon for agents who have been successful so far in their real estate career to question whether or not the role is still a good fit for them. This questioning happens for a lot of reasons. Sometimes they’ve lost the fire and excitement they once had about the industry. At other times they’ve experienced setbacks that have been discouraging or deflating. I’m here to tell you that this kind of questioning is very common – and it also follows a pattern.

In this episode, I want to reveal something that I believe is missing in your career and business when these types of questions arise. LIsten to learn how to address these issues – or to be prepared to address it when the time comes that they arise in your real estate career.

Stress, lack of motivation, and tension in your business are often indications it’s time for a change

Many agents who have been in their real estate career for some time hit the point where stress is taking hold. Others find themselves lacking motivation and feel they are missing the drive they had when they first started out as an agent. Others, in spite of running a very successful real estate business always feel tense about things that are going on.

Every single one of those is an indicator that something needs to change. Often, the agent in question begins to wonder if the thing that needs to change is their career. I’m going to suggest that you’re in exactly the RIGHT career – but that you’re needing a different kind of change. It’s time for you to level up, to step up, and to begin leading others. Before you give in to the discomfort you might feel about that suggestion, listen to this episode. It’s not what you think – and it can happen in ways that energize and motivate you beyond what you can even imagine.

The answer – and hear me out on this one – is that you need to become a leader

When you hear me say that you need to step into leadership you might pull back, saying that you don’t have a high enough volume of leads or big enough budget to provide leads for a team. Be honest, is that what you’re thinking? If so, it’s a clear sign that you are thinking about the issue all wrong. Becoming a leader in the real estate industry is possible without subscribing to that flawed rainmaker model that is so prevalent in the industry. You don’t have to be the one hustling, producing leads, or paying for resources for your team – you just need to lead by example, coach, and equip others to be successful.

This episode highlights how I discovered this to be the case in my own real estate career. It was a glorious day, a career-changing event when I was finally given the opportunity to lead others. It infused me with a motivation I hadn’t had before, gave me something bigger than myself to work for, and enabled me to impact the lives of other agents in ways I hadn’t thought possible before. You’ve got to hear how it happened – on this episode.

You’ll get filled up more than you know when you lead others to build a successful real estate career

It’s amazing what happens in our own souls as we intentionally set our sights outside our private little world. Other people NEED your help. In fact, they already look up to you in ways you’re not even aware of. Think about your day to day life in the office. Who are the agents who seem to come to you for help or advice most often? Where are the places where you are already going over and above in the teamwork of your organization? Those reveal places where your leadership is already being appreciated and noticed, you just haven’t been given the title of “leader” yet.

Please, consider this leadership option as a way to ramp up your motivation and vision for the future of your real estate business – by helping others to make their business more successful. You’ll find a lot of benefits you didn’t know where possible.

When you inspire and equip others it makes you into a better agent yourself

I’ve heard teachers and leaders in all areas say that they get more from being a leader than they ever give out. I can attest to that fact myself. There’s something about coming alongside others that encourages me like nothing else. I love being able to encourage – to help – to equip – to enable others to overcome obstacles and reach a level of success THEY didn’t think was possible. Doing so builds me up and fills MY head with vision and optimism.

And guess what – I see my production as an agent go up as well. Please – if you’re considering calling it quits on your real estate career I urge you to reconsider in light of what I’m saying. Listen to this episode. Ponder it. Think through the issues I mention – then give it a try. You’ll find the benefits of becoming a leader might be just what you need.

Outline of this great episode

  • [3:06] It’s normal for agents to feel down – unsure of their place in the industry
  • [4:41] It’s time for you to step up and become a leader
  • [7:01] What to do if you don’t feel that you are a leader
  • [14:55] How becoming a leader changed everything for me
  • [19:35] I’d love your feedback on my R.I.S.E. acronymn

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