Mindset of Successful Real Estate Agents with Mindi Kessenich – Episode 258

With a rookie year for the record books, Mindi Kessenich was flying high and ready for more growth. But year two and three were nothing like the first and things didn’t go quite as planned. She hired her first administrative assistant to help her become more efficient, provide better service; all with hopes of growing her business. However, the results were quite the opposite. She increased her overhead, the challenge of keeping her new staff busy actually made her less efficient, and because of the distraction, her sales continued to slide. She was left feeling defeated, discouraged, and borderline broke. She was at the end of the road and almost ready to call it quits for good. She began to think this business wasn’t for her. Have you ever been there? 

Mindi Kessenich

At a last-ditch effort, she thought about hiring a coach. Even though she couldn’t afford it, she decided to do it. In this episode, you’ll learn what turned it around for Mindi. What gave her the courage to break free, rebuild, and how she is having a fourth-year that is far exceeding her goals. We break it all down in this episode. Plus we talk about mindset, her clear plan, and we mix in a little fun with Instagram talk. 

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