New Agent Success Story (Paige Corbett)

The deck was stacked against Paige. Her kids were home from school because of COVID, her husband was deployed serving our great country, and heaviness was over her that left her feeling lazy, tired, and depressed.

A year earlier she had quit her dental hygienist job to pursue a career in real estate. It was exciting, but now, a year later, money was getting extremely tight. She knew what to do and how to do, she was extremely well trained, and she even had a clear plan that was congruent to her, but she still wasn’t getting results.

No closings.

She was beyond stuck!

Ever been there? How do you get out of that situation? How do you get going again?

As Paige’s coach, you might be tempted to give her pep talk and encourage her to keep going, stop being lazy, and just go!

But, I couldn’t do that. In my mind she wasn’t being lazy. She was working her tail off, but she just wasn’t getting the results. I also noticed that she was fantastic at generating leads. Her chase pillar in the Agent Rise Three Pillar Plan, was Facebook ads. She was crushing it with her ads and generating a lot of great leads.

But here’s where she struggled: converting those leads.

In the moment on the call with her I said, “You are sleeping in the harvest. You’re planting the seeds, and nurturing the crops, but then when it comes time to harvest them, you’re sleeping.”

That was the right thing to say in the moment, and it really resonated with Paige.

Paige jumped into action and began MatchMaking with all of the leads she had. One deal came together, then another, and another. She broke through. As a result, throughout much of her second year, she had 7 or more deals pending.

She broke through with a clear plan that was congruent to her, and then stayed consistent. You can too! Learn more about MatchMaking, lead generation, and finding a plan that works for you by joining Agent Rise today.

You can hear more of Paige’s story on the Agent Rise Podcast here:

Or check out this YouTube video:

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