Overcoming Distractions – Episode #184

Overcoming Distractions - Episode #184


It’s time to get real about overcoming distractions as a real estate agent and I’m calling out the biggest one: social media. Most of us use it and love it, but is the time we spend on it worth the return? Is Facebook marketing driving your business or keeping you distracted? Is your addiction to Instagram stories keeping you from writing your own success story? I’m helping you answer all of these questions and more on this week’s episode of the Agent Rise Podcast!

Count the cost of your social media investment

Last week, I made the statement that by saying “Yes” to one thing we are saying “No” to another. I’m realizing that too many real estate agents are saying “Yes” to crazy amounts of time pursuing social media marketing while saying “No’ to things like matchmaking and building an effective chase. I’m going to make a bold statement and say that for a new or stuck agent social media is probably a waste of time. I get that SOME of your drive you business with social and that’s amazing, but I’d also bet that’s because you’ve spent a good amount of time and resources making that work for you. Hear me new/stuck agents: You don’t have time to play the long game. You need to walk (or maybe crawl) long before you can start running. Invest in things that will grow your business NOW.

Don’t play the comparison game

Theodore Roosevelt once said that “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Maybe social media is less of a distraction for your business and more of one for your life. If you constantly consume social content you are subjecting your mind to whatever random thing shows up on your feed next. It might be positive or it could be an angry rant that feeds you anger. Perhaps it’s a picture of another agent taking their family on vacation that sends you into a shame spiral and makes you believe you’ll never be able to do something like that for your family. Don’t let Facebook steal your joy! Keep your clarity about who you are and where you’re going by limiting exposure to the filterless influence of social media.

Work in the dirt without getting dirty

The reality is that social media can be an incredible tool when used properly. Real estate agents with a solid and lucrative foundation CAN drive their business further by using Facebook and Instagram. How do they do it? They know how to control social media without letting it control them. They don’t let one hour of post scheduling become that plus two more hours of scrolling. Don’t use the legitimate social media needs of your business as an excuse to stay distracted. Be intentional with your business plan! If it includes social media marketing then let that be your purpose for logging into social media. PERIOD. Part of creating a plan that’s congruent to you is acknowledging your weaknesses. If you can’t be on social media without getting lost on your news feed then contract social media marketing out to someone else so you can stay focused. Don’t let Instagram stories fill your days. Write your own.

Get serious about overcoming distractions

If I know anything from my own battles with distraction and addiction, it’s that half-measures just won’t do. You have to get serious about weeding out the things that are draining your productivity and sucking away your success. If that means deleting social media apps from your phone then DO IT. If you have to hire a coach to hold you accountable, go ahead. No matter what you’re dealing with in the realm of addiction and distraction it’s always ok to ask for help. The key to overcoming distractions is to be aware of how much time you are investing in something, evaluating the benefit of that investment, and then making the necessary adjustments to get rid of what is wasting your time. Start saying “No” to the things that are not driving your business so you can start saying “Yes” to success.

Outline of this great episode

  • [1:40] An update for the Agent Rise Web-A-Thon
  • [8:20] Counting the cost of social media
  • [11:25] You are what you eat
  • [13:40] When distractions become addictions
  • [15:33] My personal addiction story
  • [18:14] Keys to overcoming distractions

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