YouTube for Realtors: How to Build a Channel that Converts – Part 2 (Episode 422)

YouTube for Realtors: How to Build a Channel that Converts – Part 2 (Episode 422)

In the second installment of our three-part series, co-hosts Neil Mathweg and Mindi Kessenick discuss how real estate agents can leverage YouTube for exponential growth. In this episode, they discuss the foundational steps required to establish a YouTube channel that delivers results. Drawing on their personal experiences and insights, the duo delves into:

  1. Keyword Research – Understand the importance of using localized and targeted keywords to ensure your videos reach the right audience.
  2. Scripting – Plan out your videos by using tools like ChatGPT for guidance, but ensure you remain authentic and resonant withy your audience.
  3. Recording & Editing – Remove barriers to content creation by setting up a studio and outsourcing editing tasks when necessary.
  4. Thumbnails – Recognize the importance of compelling thumbnails in capturing potential viewers’ attention.
  5. Posting & Descriptions – Perfect the art of writing descriptions, using tags effectively, and setting up end caps and cards.

By the end of the episode, listeners will have a roadmap to building their first YouTube video and getting their channel off the ground. Let’s Go!

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YouTube for Realtors: How to Build a Channel that Converts – Part 1 (Episode 421)

YouTube for Realtors: How to Build a Channel that Converts – Part 1 (Episode 421)

In the first installment of our three-part series, co-hosts Neil Mathweg and Mindi Kessenick discuss how real estate agents can leverage YouTube for exponential growth. This episode dives deep into why YouTube is the go-to platform for agents looking to attract a new wave of clients relocating from other cities or states. The episode covers how YouTube is different from social media platforms, its utility in connecting with the audience, and why some types of content work better than others. Tune in to elevate your YouTube game and stay ahead of the curve.

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How To Build A Real Business You Love in 90 Days (Plus Highlights from Breakthrough Week) (Episode 420)

How To Build A Real Business You Love in 90 Days (Plus Highlights from Breakthrough Week) (Episode 420)

In this episode, hosts Neil Mathweg and Mindi Kessenich discuss the highlights and insights gained from the Agent Rise Breakthrough Week. They touch upon the importance of consistency, the challenges of the current market, and the value of being a part of a community. The duo also emphasizes the areas of opportunity in today’s market and introduces listeners to the Agent Rise Bootcamp, which promises to provide agents with a clear and congruent plan for success. To take the next step in building a business you love to go and schedule your discovery call today.

The world of real estate is always evolving. The challenge, however, is to keep up with these changes and adapt your strategies to remain successful. In the recent Agent Rise Breakthrough Week, hosted by Neil Mathweg and co-hosted by Mindi Kessenich, several breakthrough agents shared their experiences and strategies for success in the market.

One of the significant themes that emerged during this week was the importance of persistence and consistency. There isn’t a magic button that can ensure immediate success. Instead, success in real estate requires a robust framework, planning, and hard work.

Another consistent theme was the importance of community. The real estate community is not just about competing against each other. It’s about growing and rising together. The stories shared during the week emphasized the importance of being a part of a supportive community, which provides guidance and mentorship.

Additionally, in these challenging times, the focus has shifted from people who want to move to those who need to move. This has opened up new opportunities in areas like senior living, relocations, investments, and new construction (with a lack of inventory).

For those keen on refining their strategies and adopting a robust plan congruent with their personalities and the current market, the Agent Rise Bootcamp is an excellent place to start. To take the next step in building a business you love to go and schedule your discovery call today.

Michael Caraway Agent Rise Breakthrough: From Uncertainty to Unstoppable

Michael Caraway Agent Rise Breakthrough: From Uncertainty to Unstoppable

Michael Caraway

Are you ready for a transformative journey in your real estate career? In this episode of the Agent Rise Podcast, we bring you a powerful story of change and growth. Michael Caraway joins Neil Mathway, TJ McGraw, and Mindy for Agent Rise Breakthrough Week, sharing his incredible transformation over the past year.

From Busy to Productive

When Michael began his journey with Agent Rise, he was busy but not productive. He had a burning desire to make a change and unlock his true potential. The first step was to address his limiting beliefs and shift his focus towards a clear vision for his business.

Mindset Transformation

Michael’s story highlights the power of transforming your mindset. He recognized the importance of redirecting his thoughts away from fear, doubt, and distractions, and toward what he truly wanted in life. This shift led to newfound peace of mind and control over his destiny.

From Short-Form to Long-Form Content

Many real estate professionals are drawn to short-form content, but Michael discovered that it wasn’t always reaching the right audience. He shifted his strategy by creating long-form content on YouTube, targeting those actively seeking information about Dallas real estate. The results were remarkable.

Quality Leads on YouTube

Michael emphasizes that the leads he generated from YouTube were of higher quality. By providing valuable content, he gained the trust and credibility of potential clients even before the first interaction. Quality leads translate to more successful transactions and satisfied clients.

Systems and Processes for Success

Agent Rise provided Michael with invaluable systems and processes that enhanced efficiency and confidence. Tasks that used to be overwhelming, like writing offers, became streamlined and manageable. Having a clear plan in place allowed him to focus on helping his clients.

Three Stages of Transformation

Michael’s journey with Agent Rise can be broken down into three stages:

  1. Immediate Impact: Upon joining Agent Rise, Michael experienced instant benefits from the ecosystem. He discovered processes and operations that freed up time and boosted confidence.
  2. Focus and Clarity: Michael solidified his three-pillar plan, which brought focus and direction to his business. Mastering specific strategies and holding himself accountable allowed him to achieve clarity.
  3. Mindset and Healing: As the third stage unfolded, Michael recognized that past wounds were affecting his mindset. Agent Rise helped him identify and address these issues, enabling him to unlock his full potential.

Take Action and Stay in Motion

One crucial lesson from Michael’s journey is the importance of taking action and staying in motion. Even when you’re not sure what to do, trying different approaches and staying active in your real estate career can lead to breakthroughs.

Join Agent Rise Bootcamp

If you’re inspired by Michael’s story and want to embark on your own breakthrough journey, now is the perfect time to join Agent Rise Bootcamp. Starting on September 21st, you’ll receive guidance, support, and a clear plan to elevate your real estate business.

Book Your Discovery Call

To get started, book a discovery call. The Agent Rise community is eager to welcome you and help you achieve your goals. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your career and become the reason someone smiles today.

Robert Taylor’s Agent Rise Breakthrough: Turning Service into Success In His Neighborhood (Episode 418)

Robert Taylor’s Agent Rise Breakthrough: Turning Service into Success In His Neighborhood (Episode 418)

Robert Taylor Breakthrough Story Cover

From Firehouse to Open House: How Robert Taylor Broke Through with Agent Rise

Robert Taylor is not your typical real estate agent. He’s also a career firefighter, a pool service business owner, and now, a real estate trailblazer. In this episode of our “Agent Rise Breakthrough Week,” Robert shares how he worked according to a vision of being the best agent in his neighborhood.

How It All Began

Robert’s journey into real estate wasn’t exactly planned. For years, he juggled his roles as a firefighter and a pool service business owner. But he saw the untapped potential in the real estate world. Like many, he took the leap, studying for his real estate license in secret, even from his wife! His hard work paid off when he aced the license test on his first try. But it was only the beginning.

The Struggles

Initially, Robert dabbled in flipping houses but soon realized that it wasn’t the right fit. What he truly wanted was to serve others, just as he had in his other roles. He found this purpose in helping families find their dream homes.

Discovering Agent Rise

Robert stumbled upon Neil Mathweg and Agent Rise (well it was Roundbox and Neil Mathweg Caoching back then, but that’s another story) while searching for a path in real estate. He immediately connected with Neil’s approach, which emphasized building your sphere of influence and serving clients authentically. The tipping point was the first Agent Rise Bootcamp, where Robert discovered the strategies he needed to scale his business.

The Power of Mentorship

For Robert, Neil’s mentorship was crucial in his journey. Neil advised him when to pull back and when to push forward. Robert says he still values the “nuggets of wisdom” he picked up from Neil, even as his business has grown.

Scaling to Success

Today, Robert is a part-time real estate agent, but his results are anything but part-time. Closing around 25 deals a year, he is a consistent top performer in his market. He attributes this success to the fundamental pillars taught at Agent Rise: focusing on your sphere of influence, chasing, and attracting clients.

A Heart to Serve

Robert’s ethos is simple – serving people with authenticity. He takes the service-first mindset from his firefighting and pool service careers into real estate. Whether it’s by going the extra mile at client events or providing thoughtful gifts, Robert always seeks to do just a “little bit more.”

Ready to Rise?

Inspired by Robert’s breakthrough? Then don’t miss the opportunity to join our upcoming Agent Rise Bootcamp starting on September 21st. Learn the tips, tricks, and tactics to turn your real estate dreams into a rewarding reality.
We invite you to listen to the full episode to hear more about Robert’s incredible journey and the powerful ways that Agent Rise can make a difference in your life.
Are you ready to write your own success story? Join Agent Rise today and let us help you rise to the top.  Book your discovery call today!
Matt Gatewood Agent Rise Breakthrough: A Journey From Agent to Broker (Episode 417)

Matt Gatewood Agent Rise Breakthrough: A Journey From Agent to Broker (Episode 417)

Matt Gatewood Louisville KY

“Breaking Through Boundaries: How Matt Gatewood Transitioned from a Successful Agent to a Broker-Owner”

In the high-stress, fast-paced world of real estate, it’s easy to lose sight of the work-life balance. Matt Gatewood, a seasoned broker from Louisville, Kentucky, knows this all too well. In a recent episode of the Agent Rise Podcast, Matt revealed his transformational journey that saw him go from a struggling, overworked agent to a successful broker-owner.

Health Over Wealth

Matt’s story began when he started experiencing health issues due to the relentless grind of the job. It was at this point that he realized he needed to re-evaluate his priorities and focus on his well-being.

The Catalyst of Coaching

Matt credits much of his turnaround to the coaching he received from Neil Mathweg. Through coaching, Matt learned to set boundaries, manage client expectations, and add structure to his business.

The Power of Boundaries

Matt found the courage to implement boundaries in his work life after attending a real estate conference where Neil spoke about the importance of taking time off. The concept resonated deeply with Matt and eventually led him to make crucial changes in his life.

From Agent to Broker

Matt’s initial plan for his brokerage was modest, involving only a couple of agents to support his own sales. However, through continuous coaching and guidance, he realized the potential to grow and lead other agents. The brokerage started to evolve, and Matt found himself more aligned with his newfound role as a leader.

The Value of Vision and Perseverance

Despite facing numerous challenges, Matt persisted and kept his eyes on the bigger picture. His vivid vision and dedication, fueled by the coaching, helped him break through adversity and build a business that he loves.


Matt Gatewood’s story serves as a powerful reminder that personal growth is often the key to professional success. By setting boundaries, focusing on well-being, and allowing himself to be coached, Matt was able to transition from a stressed agent to a thriving broker. His journey underscores the transformative power of coaching in helping real estate professionals build businesses that are both successful and sustainable.

Katie Skeen Agent Rise Breakthrough: Trials to Triumphs to Hitting Annual Goals in 6 months (Episode 416)

Katie Skeen Agent Rise Breakthrough: Trials to Triumphs to Hitting Annual Goals in 6 months (Episode 416)

Katie Skeen Breakthrough Story

The Katie Skeen Story: 18 Months to Real Estate Success

If you are a new real estate agent, struggling with lead generation, or even a seasoned agent looking for that elusive breakthrough, this episode of Agent Rise Podcast is for you. We had the pleasure of speaking with Katie Skeen, an agent in Louisville, Kentucky, who found her footing in the real estate industry through perseverance and strategic planning. Find out how Katie built her business using her three-pillar plan and the steps she followed for 18 challenging yet transformative months. Uncover the highs and lows and discover how she exploded her business through her skills from communication to relationship-building and how adding YouTube has really taken her to the next level. From tears to triumph, Katie offers insights that are both enlightening and encouraging.

The Journey

Initially, Katie struggled with lead generation, specifically with Facebook ads. Despite making 20 calls per day to Facebook leads for nine months, she didn’t see any immediate results. This could have discouraged anyone, but Katie continued to persevere.

The Role of Agent Rise

Katie attributes her success to the Agent Rise program. This program provided her with the tools she needed, from lead generation to relationship-building strategies. Katie followed the program’s three-pillar plan, and it paid off handsomely. She advises new agents to stick to the program, no matter how hard it gets, because the results are worth it.


If you are an agent on the verge of giving up or looking for a lifeline to transform your business, take a page out of Katie Skeen’s playbook. She has proven that with the right tools, mindset, and hard work, you can achieve a thriving real estate business in 18 months. If Katie can do it, so can you, and now is a perfect time to do so, because on Sept 21st we begin Agent Rise Bootcamp LIVE.  Learn more and book a discovery call at

Amy McLendon Agent Rise Breakthrough: Designing Your Own Version Of Success (Episode 415)

Amy McLendon Agent Rise Breakthrough: Designing Your Own Version Of Success (Episode 415)

The Anatomy of Success: Amy McLendon on Transitioning from Nursing to Real Estate

The field of real estate is full of fascinating stories of growth, breakthroughs, and unexpected career changes. One such story is that of Amy McLendon, who transitioned from a 20-year nursing career to real estate, finding a new way to serve and help people.

A Career Shift Rooted in Passion

Amy spent two decades in nursing, primarily in the operating room, where she found her calling in helping others. But as a single mom, Amy needed more flexibility in her schedule. Her friend and fellow nurse Mindy, who had also transitioned into real estate, introduced her to the field. It wasn’t long before Amy realized that real estate provided another platform where she could continue her life’s mission of helping people.

Building a Business Around Relationships

From the get-go, Amy focused on what she knew best: building strong relationships. Her sphere of influence was nurtured through a multifaceted approach, incorporating social media, handwritten notes, client events, and monthly newsletters. She excelled in client care, turning most of her clients into friends and raving fans.

The Power of Coaching and Community

The Agent Rise coaching system played a pivotal role in Amy’s journey. As a newcomer in real estate, Amy was overwhelmed, but Agent Rise gave her the confidence and structure she needed. She credits the coaching and community for not only teaching her the ropes but also for inspiring her to make bold moves, such as creating off-market opportunities for her clients.

A Focus on the Future

Now, Amy plans to use her nursing background to specialize in serving in senior living. She recognized the increasing need for real estate services geared towards seniors, making it a natural next step in her career.

The Key Takeaway

The biggest lesson to be learned from Amy’s story is that real estate is not solely about houses; it’s about people. And nobody exemplifies this better than Amy McLendon, who has built her career on strong relationships and a genuine desire to help others. If you’re looking to break into real estate or are seeking ways to reinvent your current practice, focusing on authentic relationships might just be the key to your success, too.

Now let’s find YOUR breakthrough!

If you have ever thought about joining us at Agent Rise, now is a perfect time to do so, because on Sept 21st we begin Agent Rise Bootcamp LIVE.  Book your discovery call today!

Unlocking Agent Breakthroughs: The Stories Behind Real Estate’s Rising Stars (Episode 414)

Unlocking Agent Breakthroughs: The Stories Behind Real Estate’s Rising Stars (Episode 414)

Unlocking Agent Breakthroughs: The Stories Behind Real Estate’s Rising Stars

When it comes to embarking on the journey of a real estate agent, there’s no one-size-fits-all path. Every agent’s story is unique, and the challenges faced by each are personal and distinct. Neil Mathweg, alongside co-hosts Mindi Kessenich and TJ McGraw, shared some truly inspiring breakthroughs in a recent episode of the “Agent Rise” podcast. Today, we dive into these riveting tales of agents who defied the odds and broke through barriers, proving that with determination, the right guidance, and a touch of resilience, success is achievable.

Amy McLendon: From the Operating Room to Real Estate Glory

Amy McLendon’s journey is an embodiment of grit and tenacity. When you think of individuals who possess that rare, unyielding determination to overcome obstacles and defy odds, Amy stands tall among them. What’s particularly remarkable about her is this intrinsic fire, this fight that she carries within, something that no classroom or coaching session can instill.

From our very first interaction, it was evident that Amy wasn’t just another agent seeking to make her mark. She brought to the table an unwavering spirit that seemed to shout, “I will not give up!” Every challenge, every setback she faced was met with a resilience that is, frankly, awe-inspiring. Her approach to real estate isn’t merely transactional; it’s a testament to her character, her refusal to be defeated, and her commitment to carve out success on her own terms.

There have been countless times where she’s faced hurdles that would deter the average person. But Amy? She views these as mere stepping stones, as lessons to evolve and grow. I often find myself telling newcomers about Amy’s story, not just as a tale of success in real estate but as a lesson in the power of indomitable spirit and determination. In our industry, while skills can be taught and strategies can be learned, the kind of grit Amy possesses is a rare gift. She is a living testament to the fact that when you couple skills with unshakeable determination, the sky’s the limit.

Michael Caraway: From Uncertainty to Unstoppable

Michael Caraway’s story is an inspiring testament to the power of mindset and self-belief. When he first began his journey with us, there was evident potential in him, but he was also shadowed by doubts and hesitations. But what’s incredible about Michael is that he wasn’t just content in recognizing those uncertainties; he was determined to confront and transform them.

Through our time together, it wasn’t just about real estate techniques or sales strategies; it was also a deep dive into reshaping the way Michael perceived his possibilities. He began challenging the self-imposed limits, seeking ways to manifest the life he deeply desired. With every coaching session, I witnessed a man growing in confidence, a man shifting from wondering if he could achieve his dreams to planning how he was going to achieve them.

Today, Michael stands out as an emblem of change and ambition. His belief in the life he wants to lead is infectious, inspiring not only his peers but also those new to the real estate realm. It’s not just about selling properties for Michael; it’s about creating a reality shaped by positive thinking and unwavering determination. Our discussions often revolve around his visions, his dreams, and how he’s crafting the steps to make them tangible. Michael Caraway’s journey underscores the adage: change your thoughts, and you change your world.

Matt Gatewood: From Overwhelm to Clarity

Matt Gatewood’s evolution in the real estate realm is nothing short of remarkable. He began his journey with the raw energy and passion of an eager agent, ready to make his mark. But what always stood out was his larger vision for himself and his career. Through the Agent Rise method, Matt not only honed his skills as a stellar agent, but he began to develop an understanding of the broader mechanics of the real estate business.

As weeks turned into months, it became clear that he wasn’t just destined to be a standout agent; he was building the foundations to be a leader in the industry. His questions evolved, his strategy sessions grew more in-depth, and he began discussing broader team dynamics and business structures. And then, with the same commitment and drive he brought to every property sale, he took that monumental leap and became a broker/owner.

Today, Matt’s name is not only synonymous with reliability and excellence in service but also with mentorship and leadership in real estate. He’s a shining example of how one can transition from an individual contributor to a leader who shapes the future of the industry. In coaching sessions now, our conversations not only revolve around sales strategies but also on team-building, agency growth, and establishing a legacy. It’s a privilege to witness his journey, from a tenacious agent to a dynamic broker/owner.

Katie Skeen: Embodying the Spirit of Resilience and Tenacity

I must say, Katie Skeen’s journey is truly emblematic of tenacity and grit. There were moments when I wondered if the weight of her determination might challenge the structure of the Agent Rise methodology itself. From day one, she approached the program with a challenge: she intended to put Agent Rise to the ultimate test. Every week, without fail, she was relentless in engaging her numbers. She religiously followed her three-pillar plan. Not a day went by that she wasn’t day-blocking, organizing her tasks using the Agent Rise planner, launching her YouTube channel, maintaining an active social media presence, consistently reaching out to her sphere, holding client events, and more. She was doing everything, executing every step to the letter.

But it wasn’t just about following steps. It was about her spirit. The fire in her eyes was palpable, even on the toughest days when she questioned whether she would ever break through. And then, it happened. Her hard work, her relentless drive, and her unwavering faith in the process bore fruit. She didn’t just achieve her goals, she shattered them – hitting her annual targets merely halfway through the year. Coaching her now is about preparing her for the tidal wave of success that’s coming her way. Every agent has a story, but Katie’s stands out for her refusal to back down, her commitment to the grind, and her raw determination to succeed.

Robert Taylor: From Firefighter to Neighborhood Realtor

Robert Taylor’s journey in real estate is a testament to vision-driven commitment. The concept of farming, for many, is seen as a long-term game, one that’s fraught with significant expenses and an uncertain timeline for returns. It’s not unusual to hear seasoned agents advising newcomers to steer clear of this approach, especially given the prolonged waiting period before one sees a genuine return on investment.

But Robert? He saw things differently. Instead of viewing farming as merely a costly venture, he perceived it as an opportunity, a niche where he could make his indelible mark. He wasn’t blinded by the immediate costs or the waiting game. Instead, Robert was propelled by a distinct vision, one where consistent efforts in a specific geographical area would yield long-term relationships and, ultimately, business success.

It’s no small feat to dive headfirst into an arena where the payoffs aren’t immediate, and costs can be steep. But Robert navigated this challenging landscape with unwavering resolve. His approach wasn’t just about mailers or localized marketing; it was about building a reputation, laying down roots, and becoming the go-to expert for that community.

While many might have buckled under the pressure of upfront costs and the patience required for farming, Robert’s vision-driven strategy proved that with clarity of purpose and steadfast dedication, one can turn traditional wisdom on its head. Today, as we witness his success and the respect he’s garnered in his chosen farm area, it’s clear that Robert’s vision wasn’t just about immediate gains but a long-term legacy in the world of real estate.


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