Reframe Your Limitations To Build On Your Strengths – Episode #201

Most of us know what it’s like to feel that our weaknesses are dragging us down – so I’ve recorded this episode to help you counteract that feeling by learning to build on your strengths. I’ve been there, I know what it’s like to be discouraged or to feel that certain limitations are holding me back from the success I want. But friends, we can’t let weaknesses or limitations knock us down. We can’t let your perception of our weaknesses dictate what we can and can’t do. We are Risers – we take responsibility for things and make things happen. This episode is going to describe a perspective we all need to have, on that leads us to identify our weaknesses, know our strengths, and address the weaknesses by building our strengths.

Overcome your limitations by reframing them

Oftentimes, the limitations we face in life or business loom up before us, seeming like giants we can’t take down. I get it, feeling a limitation is no fun and definitely demoralizing. But what I’m discovering is that every limitation can be reframed, redefined so that I can look at it in a new way that enables me to build on my strengths because of it.

Here’s an example – I have always wanted to write a book. I’ve always felt like I should write a book. But I can’t ever seem to get started. What I’ve discovered is that my strength is in shorter, creative projects, not longer, research-ish projects (like a book). So a typical book is hard for me to get done. But a friend mentioned that there are lots of shorter books out today, so I’m starting work on a short book – it fits right into my strengths rather than going against my weaknesses. What reframing can you do about the limitations you feel?

When you know your weaknesses, you’ll avoid them in favor of your strengths

If we are going to overcome our limitations, we start by being aware of our genuine weaknesses. For example, If you know you are not good at technology, you should NOT beat yourself up for it OR try to learn the gadgets and gizmos because you believe you should. Instead, give yourself permission to go low-tech. Concentrate more on what you do to create value rather than being online. AND – find others on your team who can handle the tech for you!

When you know your strengths, you can choose the ideal projects for you

Once you know what your weaknesses are (and most of us don’t need a lot of help in figuring out that part) then you need to figure out the strengths you have that can help you reframe or offset that weakness. This can be a bit tougher because we don’t see ourselves objectively. You may need a close friend or coach to help you assess your strengths realistically and then identify how they can be used to counteract your areas of weakness. But once you do and begin operating in that strength instead of obsessing over your weaknesses, watch out!

Examples of building on your strengths in real estate

Everything I’m talking about in this episode could sound theoretical – and that’s the last thing I want. So let’s lay out some quick examples of what it might look like to build on your strengths instead of obsessing over your weaknesses…

  • WEAKNESS: You aren’t fast – STRENGTH: be deliberate and thorough, or niche into bigger deals that take longer and require more detail.
  • WEAKNESS: You aren’t good at marketing or don’t have the budget to do much – STRENGTH: Get creative, be you, learn about guerilla marketing approaches
  • WEAKNESS: You’re genuinely not a people person – STRENGTH: Work on brilliant stuff alone or only work with people who appreciate what you do have
  • WEAKNESS: You’re not very organized – STRENGTH: Simplify everything so you have less to organize, or hire an assistant or transaction coordinator to help with organization
  • WEAKNESS: You don’t feel that you have enough time – STRENGTH: You can block out small chunks and really focus during that time. You can become super-efficient with the time you do have

What are YOUR weaknesses – and what are the strengths that can help you offset them? Listen to this episode of Agent Rise to learn how to reframe and overcome your limitations by building on your strengths intentionally.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:37] The theme for this episode came from the wildest dream I had!
  • [2:51] The major league dream I had – and why I’m talking about it
  • [5:05] What are the things we blame because we’re not being successful?
  • [7:27] Examples of reframing to find greater success
  • [18:01] Using time limitations to make the most of the opportunites

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