Social Media Content Strategy: a Guide for Real Estate Agents – Episode #225

It’s time to nail down your social media content strategy for 2020. What platforms do you want to focus on? What kind of content do you create for each of them? In this episode of Agent Rise, I’m going to layout the platforms I recommend and some content you can run with. I’ll also fill you in on the tone needed and what to avoid. If you’re ready to up your content game, listen now!

What works on Facebook Live?

Content on Facebook needs to be engaging. You want to get people excited to interact with you. Make it irresistible. Always ask a question where they can answer easily with a yes or no answer, a number, or something they’re passionate about.

Make it entertaining—take a position for or against something and share your reasoning. Then, ask if anyone else has had a similar (or different) experience. Facebook Live is all about interaction. It is NOT the place for market reports full of boring and dry numbers.

Another idea I use is “Madison’s Best”. For example, I’ll jump on Facebook Live and ask where the best cheese curds are.

Keep it simple for Facebook Live—lay out your idea with a few bullet points and talk for 3-5 minutes. Doing this a couple of times a week will greatly contribute to growing an engaged audience.

Social media content strategy for YouTube

YouTube is great for tutorial style videos. Take some time to record a how-to video and tell a story to keep the viewer interested. This is even the platform for a market report video—but don’t make it try and boring. Don’t add numbers and figures. Instead, tell a story about a recent sale and how it was affected by the market.

Another great idea you can run with is the “Million-Dollar Listing”. Work with the listing agent to do a recorded tour of the most expensive listing in your area. The owners get free publicity and your viewers get to see a pretty cool crib on your Youtube channel.

I have a couple of other suggestions—listen to the whole episode to find out what they are!

The Insta-trifecta: Instastories, posts, and IGTV

Instagram is a great platform to post video content if you’re just getting started and want to dip your toes in the water. Stories allow you to document your day in short-yet-engaging bursts. You need to implement posts as well that can be anything from a summary of your day to an announcement of your latest content that’s available.

With the launch of IGTV, you can now create episode-style videos for viewers to watch. IGTV is a great crossover for content that you’d also put on Facebook or YouTube. It isn’t as searchable as YouTube, but I assume they’ll move the direction of adding that functionality.

Just like the other platforms, you want your content to maximize the entertainment factor. Incorporate story-telling and find ways to make it entertaining.

Leverage LinkedIn

LinkedIn is about connectivity. The reach and connections you can make are unbelievable. But for LinkedIn, you don’t want to repurpose content from other channels. Instead, you could post an opinion about a book you recently finished. Share your recommendation and ask others to give you suggestions for your next read. You can ask business-related questions to foster real and engaging conversations.

LinkedIn content needs to be business-minded, inspirational, motivational, educational, with a touch of entertainment thrown in.

I highly recommend getting involved with a LinkedIn Local meetup. Not only is it amazing networking, but it allows you to snap a group photo and share it on LinkedIn. I am more connected in real-life with people I’ve met on LinkedIn vs. any other platform. You NEED to make a LinkedIn strategy part of your business.

Make sure to check out the resources below for a few people who I follow who have mastered content strategy!

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:30] Get your content strategy in order
  • [2:33] Facebook Live content strategy
  • [6:45] Do market reports on YouTube without any numbers
  • [8:55] The content that thrives on YouTube
  • [13:00] Instagram: Instastories, posts, and IGTV
  • [15:10] LinkedIn is about connectivity

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