Strategic Decision Making Includes Making Cuts When Necessary – Episode #218

Strategic decision making means taking an objective look at your business and making cuts where necessary. Are you spread too thin? Did you branch out and try too many new ideas in 2019? I want to challenge you to take a deep look at your business and make the decision to cut something that keeping you from reaching your goals!

When it’s not about the hustle

It feels really strange to take a step back and stop making things about the hustle. We are always looking to add more, do more, achieve more. But at what point is the hustle distracting you from your goals? Are you spending time focusing on things that you really hate in the name of “hustling”?

If you’re building four different bridges and none of them are reaching the other side, you are scattered and losing focus. It’s more powerful to simplify, build and complete one bridge. You’ll meet your goals faster and more efficiently.

Strategic decision making isn’t easy

How do you eliminate a process/procedure/task from your business? A friend of mine used the illustration that when you’re in the business, it’s like you’re stuck in a bottle trying to read the label that’s on the outside. You need to remove yourself from that bottle and read the label from the outside to understand what’s going on. Take a step back and look at your business objectively. It allows you to see things in a whole new light and gives you a high-level view of what’s working—and what’s not.

Is the attraction pillar becoming your distraction pillar?

Are you doing things because you believe you have to? But instead of pushing you towards success those things are just distracting you?

Are you trying to use Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube because everyone else is doing it?

There are so many ways to find success, but you need to focus on what is working for you—and eliminate what’s not. It’s fine to test the waters here and there, but you need to be sure your attraction pillar isn’t detracting from your chase. Put your energy towards what is working, cut what isn’t, and move forward.

It’s time to go back to the basics

We are smack in the middle of what I like to call shiny object season. It’s a slower season and you find yourself with more down-time. Usually, that’s invested into conferences, training, business meetings, and day-dreaming about what else you can do. AKA, getting distracted.

But I believe you should also spend this time getting back to the basics.

What does that mean? Call people just to say thank you for buying a house through you. Send thank you cards. Cultivate leads, focus on matchmaking, work on conversions. Get back to the basics of what does work and make the strategic decision to simplify and eliminate distractions.

Now, go to the Facebook group and let me know what you’ve decided to cut in 2020!

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:40] What will you cut from your business in 2020?
  • [2:05] Why would I cut anything from my business?
  • [3:15] How do I decide what to cut?
  • [6:00] Add more energy into what is working
  • [6:45] Shiny object season
  • [7:15] Go back to the basics
  • [8:30] consistency leads to mastery
  • [9:40] What are you cutting from your business?

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