Taking Client Events To The Next Level – Episode #193

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all know what it means to do client events. They could take the form of a ball game, hosting a bar-b-que, or holding a “client appreciation party.” That’s great, we should appreciate our clients, but we can do so much more – and do it in a way that broadens our reach and connects us with pre-clients. The ideas I’m having around this topic flow out of what’s been happening with the “I Love Madison” meetups my team has been putting together. Such amazing things are happening, I want to share it with you and encourage you to do get your own brand of community events going. Listen to learn more!

People have more ability to connect than ever before but are still lonely

You know what I’m talking about – Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn – all of the social media platforms are incredibly helpful and useful in a variety of ways. But the remote nature of how they work often isolates us even more in real life. Instead of being better connected, many of us wind up feeling lonely.

I believe this is a growing problem that Realtors are uniquely positioned to address. How? By hosting client events, and even better – community events. On this episode, I want to explain some of the dreams I have for the “I Love Madison” meetup events and give you some ideas that you can use in your own community. Who knows what could happen if we all do our part to bring our communities together? Maybe someone will meet their new best friend through an event you host. Maybe love will blossom as a result. Maybe you’ll find 2, 5, or 10 new clients. You never know what could happen!

As Real Estate Agents we have a huge opportunity to bring people together

Real Estate agents are uniquely positioned in the community to host unique and appealing events that people really enjoy. Why? We know the community, we know the happening places, we know the things that newcomers to our cities need to know about and become connected with. That means we have the potential of being a huge asset to the people of our communities. Why are we not taking advantage of that fact?

Listen to hear about the results of our “I Love Madison

meetup group and how we are pulling it off with very little effort, almost no overhead, and are getting great results. I’m meeting more people every month through these simple groups and my network continues to expand. Most importantly, it’s exciting to see what’s happening as people connect and exciting to be so involved in making it happen.

What are the events people will want to come to?

I recently heard Gary V. talking about the idea of psychographics. I didn’t even know what the word meant so I looked it up. Here’s the definition:

The study and classification of people according to their attitudes, aspirations, and other psychological criteria, especially in market research.

What does that mean for us as Realtors? It means that the better we know the way the people in our communities think, what motivates them, and what their hopes and dreams are, the better we can serve them. We need to become students of our communities. Then we can host events that are designed specifically for them and invite them to come. The I Love Madison Team is working on plans to do a concert series featuring local artists. Why? Because we know that people in our community often gather around music, so we’re going to take full advantage of that (in a good way). Listen to learn more!

Focus on the stage, not the age

It’s easy to think that demographics and targeting for client events like I’m talking about in this episode has to do with age, but it doesn’t. One example I mention is that a 28-year-old could be married or they could be single. They could have kids, or they could not. They could be employed in a white-collar profession or a blue collar job. There’s no way that age is a clear enough indication of what a person is like to bank on it when it comes to planning events.

Instead of looking at age, we should be considering “stage of life.” By doing this we’ll be much more effective at discovering interests, hobbies, and preferences that a wide range of people will enjoy – and we can host events that are “beyond client events” – events for the entire community. Listen to learn why I think these events are are so powerful and to hear what the I Love Madison team is cooking up for the city of Madison.

Outline of this great episode

  • [3:30] The thought of bringing people together is inspiring to me
  • [6:08] Why are more realtors not doing client meetups?
  • [8:50] Cool things can happen when you bring people together
  • [12:20] Find holes in the city and bring them to life with your events
  • [14:40] Take the word “client” out of your client events

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