The 5 Steps Needed to Become a Successful Real Estate Agent – Episode #213

To become a successful real estate agent you have to put in some hard work. There’s no working around that fact. I’m going to share 5 steps in this episode of Agent Rise that will help you overcome the “I will do it eventually” mentality and move to the “I did it” category. This is for anyone who feels stuck, need to face some hard truths, or simply don’t have a starting place.

Why you need to send out monthly snail mail

You need to build a list of people (your sphere of influence) that you send mail to every month. Who makes up your sphere of influence? The type of people that you would invite to your wedding. Most agents set up a drip campaign, which is fine—but anyone can do it.

So why snail mail?

Any given individual’s email inbox is inundated with emails. Your email will likely get lost in the shuffle, ignored and unopened. For example, I am the proud owner of 58,073 unopened emails. Anyone getting a personalized envelope in their mailbox is going to open it, most likely read it, and even share it with their spouse. Email can’t get you that conversion rate.

Narrow down your chase pillar

There are a lot of options out there for your chase pillar. Open houses, Facebook ads, online leads (such as Zillow), FSBO’s and expired leads. 90% of my students choose to do open houses. Why? Because you automatically get a face-to-face with buyers.

There’s a lot of power behind that first meeting. Being face-to-face gives you opportunities that a phone call or an email doesn’t. It’s much harder to get to know someone over email. You can’t gauge body language over the phone.

But In-person, you can chat about the latest football game because you saw them wearing fan apparel. You can have a conversation about the house you’re showing, and find out what their search criteria is. It’s a much easier opening for a follow-up conversation.

Take Match-making to the next level

Most agents KNOW they need to be doing this daily. Most know how to do it. And most don’t. You can make all of the excuses in the world. It’s time-consuming, sure. But you need to do it because it is the #1 way to compel buyers to work with you.

But why don’t you take it to the next level?

I’ll be honest, those who are crushing it with matchmaking are doing more than my minimum suggestion of one hour a day. To find success, you need to start keeping promises to yourself and step up your game.

Coaching is an investment NOT an expense

Obviously, I’m a real estate coach. I don’t care if you hire someone else, but you need a coach. You may have all of the information in front of you. You know what you need to do and are probably doing it to some extent—but a coach is valuable in so many ways:

A good coach will keep you accountable.

A good coach will correct you along the way.

A good coach will find your blind spots and help you find a way out. 

A great coach will get you a return on your investment. Having someone to answer to and keep you accountable will help bring you to the next level. Even when you run into problems or reach a moment of complete breakdown, it means your breakthrough is around the corner.

For in-depth details on my 5 steps and some great resources, listen to the whole episode of Agent Rise!

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:40] 5 Simple Steps
  • [2:10] Agent Rise Summit!
  • [4:10] Step One: Build a sphere of influence list
  • [5:10] Step Two: Send them mail
  • [6:30] Sphere of Influence Resources
  • [9:30] Step Three: Decide on a chase pillar
  • [12:30] Step Four: Embrace Matchmaking
  • [15:20] Step Five: Hire a coach

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