The Power of Being Who You Want to Become in Real Estate – Episode 397

In this podcast episode, Neil Mathweg, Mindy Kessenich, and TJ McGraw continue their conversation about how being who you want to become can not only help with weight loss but also in your business, particularly in real estate. Neil shares how he lost 100 pounds without dieting by simply doing what healthy people do. He came up with a list of things that healthy people do and started being who he wanted to become. Mindy and TJ discuss how changing your thoughts can change your life and how Mindy used curiosity to figure out what she needed to do to become a good team leader. TJ talks about the idea of stepping into your future self, which is becoming who you want to become. They all agree that being who you want to become is a mindset shift that can have incredible results in any area of your life, including real estate.

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