The Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Quieting the Mind and Maximizing Sales – Episode 390

The Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Quieting the Mind and Maximizing Sales

In this episode of Agent Rise Podcast, host Neil Mathweg and Mindi Kessenich continue their discussion from the previous week about quieting the mind to find the answer. They talk about how in the winter market when there is excitement, fear, and lack of motivation, people often turn their attention to challenges rather than opportunities. However, one can decide where to focus their attention and control their thoughts.

Quieting the mind is essential to get out of the mess and shifting one’s mindset. By imagining a peaceful state and relaxing the mind, one can find the answer to their problems. They also advise that one should not give up on their goals and plans despite the challenges of the deep, dark winter, and instead keep planning and working towards them as if it’s going to be the best year ever. The hosts conclude by saying that the hardest, easiest thing in the world is to quiet the mind, rely on the source, and keep going.

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