Tips For New Real Estate Agents with Paige Corbett – Episode 259

The deck was stacked against Paige.  Her kids were home from school because of COVID, her husband was deployed, and heaviness was over her that left her feeling lazy, tired, and depressed.  A year earlier she had quit her dental hygienist job to pursue a career in real estate and money was getting extremely tight.  She knew what to do and how to do, was extremely well trained, and even had a clear plan that was congruent to her, but she still wasn’t getting results.  She was beyond stuck!

In this episode, Paige Corbett shares how she got out of this rut that she was in.  She talks about how she persevered and soon broke through in a huge way.  She shares her plan, the mindset shift she went through, and how she continued to believe she can do this.  This episode is one for the ages and a lot of agents need to hear.  

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