Transformation Begins with Personal Integrity – Episode #210

Did you know that transformation in your personal life and your business begins with personal integrity? Do you understand that keeping the promises you make to yourself is just as important as the promises you make to others? In this episode of Agent Rise, I talk about a video I saw recently featuring Ed Mylett and Chris and Heidi Powell. It is transformational—don’t miss it!

The hidden path to change is personal integrity

I’ve been pretty open with you guys about my weight-loss journey. I’ve talked about how I lost 120 pounds simply to gain it all back, and more. I’m finally back on a path I believe will lead to lasting change, and I’ve lost 26 pounds. But something said in this interview shook me:

“You are all here because you do not have integrity”. 

What do you mean, I don’t have integrity?! 

Chris defines integrity as “keeping the promises you make to yourself when no one else is watching”. Ouch. In truth, many of us excel at keeping the promises we make to others. But when it comes to keeping promises to ourselves we fall short. I know I have. Want to know what to do about it? Keep listening.

How to build self-confidence

Somewhere along the way, as you’ve spent your life making and breaking promises to yourself, you’ve lost self-confidence. With every broken promise, your dignity takes a hit. You may find yourself only making silent promises. A build-up of broken promises is what leads to obesity, alcoholism, and addiction.

Building your personal integrity and self-confidence back up begins with the practice of keeping your promises—to yourself. Chris and Heidi talk about starting small with literally anything:

Promise that you’ll brush your teeth every day.

Make your bed every day.

Track your macros every day.

As a coach, it is our job to remind you to learn to love yourself again. That begins with making and keeping promises.

Your word has to be more powerful than your excuses

That phrase is simple yet profound. Your word has to be more powerful than your excuses. Start keeping whatever promise you make to yourself. You have to start overcoming those excuses and keep yourself winning.

As you keep building wins on wins you begin to learn that your word holds value. Chris and Heidi refer to it as integrity momentum. As you’re fulfilling promises to yourself, your belief in yourself begins to rebuild itself. It is powerful.

What are you going to promise to yourself?

I’m a huge advocate of just getting started. It’s time to stop talking and start doing. So my challenge to you this week is two-fold:

  1. Listen to the whole interview with Chris and Heidi Powell linked below
  2. Make a promise to yourself–and begin keeping it

Don’t worry—I’m not going to just preach to you and not walk-the-walk myself. My promise is to track my macros every single day. I know this keeps me on track and keeps me accountable with my coach.

Listen to the whole episode of Agent Rise as I touch on how these principles for weight loss affect your business. Comment and let me know what you’re going to do this week to begin your personal integrity journey.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:30] A transformational video
  • [5:25] Video clip from Chris and Heidi Powell
  • [5:35] Steps to Change: Personal Integrity
  • [9:00] How to build self-confidence
  • [12:45] What is a “power promise”?
  • [15:25] Keep the promises you make to yourself
  • [18:10] What are you going to promise yourself?

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