Let The Journey Begin!

Let the journy Right around the time we were planning our recent 17-day road trip, we heard a message from Robby Dawkins. In the message, he said, “the door at the grocery store only opens if you walk into it. You can’t open the door by standing in the parking lot.  Walk into the door and it will open.” (Unless the store is closed ????‍♂️????)

We kept that “step into the door” mindset the entire trip. Many times we felt we were at the end and then we took one more step. And every time we did, the door opened. Every single time. 

We saw the Agent Rise community truly rise up to support and encourage us. Providing us with places to stay, meals, speaking engagements, and countless gifts – including 2 days at Disney, beachside resorts and so much more! Seriously the love we felt was overwhelming and gave us confirmation that we are on the right track. 

Coupled with a prompting before the trip to go full time with Agent Rise, it became a no brainer once I got out of Wisconsin. I realize just how much I have let fear stand in the way of going all in. 

In addition, we felt, without a doubt, that we need to go full time RVing right NOW. No more someday, we need to do it now! And if we do that now the only way is to sell everything we own. As crazy as that sounds, we believe it’s the sacrifice we need to make to live out the dream we have. ????????????‍♂️

While on the trip my concern remained with, “how do I continue to provide real estate services for my clients if I was to go full time with coaching and go full time RVing?” It’s so hard to let this go and put it in someone else’s hands, but we knew we needed to step into the next door. 

The week we returned from the trip we were presented with an opportunity to partner with agents in their real estate business here in Madison along with agents across the country. So that I can not only coach agents, but I can partner with them in building their business. In addition, these partnerships would benefit my clients to be assured they are working with someone aligned with my beliefs. 

Sooo….with all of that said, we are excited to say we have THREE big announcements….

First, I’m so excited to announce that I have decided to go full time as a real estate agent coach! The time has come for me to overcome the fear and go all-in on Agent Rise Coaching!! 

Second, I have decided to join eXp Realty to build a nationwide cloud-based brokerage firm, that will include a local team here in Madison, along with additional teams throughout the country. My goal is to have a team in every major city. 

And the third announcement is that we are going to sell everything we own to go full-time RVing! We are going to travel the country, build teams in cities coast to coast, host Agent Rise Workshops and Summits, give talks, and pour into as many agents and brokers across the country that we can.  Of course, we have a lot to do before we set sail and we’ll need to wait until the shelter in place is over. (But if you see a hundred posts in FB Marketplace from me selling stuff, now you know why.)

With all of the change I am of course fighting fear, I’m sad, and super excited all at once. 

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t freaking out about selling everything and jumping into a new world. 

I’m sad to leave Realty Executives Cooper Spransy. It’s a super special place filled with so many loving, caring, and fun people. Some of whom have become some of my best friends. I will miss them dearly, and will always be rooting for them. 

And, I’m super excited to help even more agents build businesses they love and to focus on growing Agent Rise and my new brokerage at eXp Realty. 

Let the crazy journey begin! 

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