Real Estate Agents: 3 Ways To Get Unstuck

Is your real estate business stuck? If you’ve tried all kinds of things without success, I have the solution for you.

Learn how to identify what’s holding you back from a successful real estate career. Do these 3 simple things to breakthrough and get unstuck.

  1. Declutter your business. Trying too many new things month after month just makes things confusing. Focus on what’s actually driving your business. You can make it “look pretty” later. Avoid getting distracted by “shiny object syndrome.” 
  2. Get back to the basics. Keep it simple. Before you focus on more complex strategies, make sure you’ve got a good handle on the basics — what you KNOW will work. 
  3. Focus on your chase pillar. It’s something that can give you transactions right away. There’s a reason it’s early in the Agent Rise steps! It drives your business and gets things going for you. 

The three pillars in the Agent Rise Steps are your Sphere of Influence, the Chase, and Attraction. The Sphere of Influence pillar takes some time to grow, but could eventually lead to 80% of your business. If you’re not careful, the Attraction pillar will become a distraction. Remember, don’t neglect the Chase.

If you don’t Chase, you’ll get stuck! 

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