Why Real Estate Agents Should Be Vulnerable

Do you struggle with being vulnerable in the content you create/document?

After my talk at Social Media Breakfast, I was talking with an attendee who was struggling to get started with creating content.

She has a lot of knowledge to share with the world, but she would have to include the stories of struggle in order to share the lessons. She has some corporate limitations to respect her employer, but beyond that, all other limitations are solely coming from her own limiting beliefs. Fears that are preventing her from breaking out of her shell.

She is afraid of being vulnerable (who isn’t?) and she admired my ability to do that. She asked how I did it and wondered how she could do the same.

I got thinking of what I shared with her and I thought it might be something others need to hear as well.

Here was my reply…

To remove the limiting beliefs you have, I need you to believe that your imperfections won’t push people away. Instead, it will draw your audience closer to you.

Simply put, PEOPLE CAN’T RELATE TO YOUR PERFECTION. So the more perfect you are the less connected your audience will be with you.

Once you believe that, you’ll come to this place where transparency and vulnerability help so many people around you, that you’ll forget that you’re even being vulnerable because all you want to do is help others.

Transparency is scary, no doubt. But when you encourage someone from your transparency you will see people flourish. And when you see others flourishing, you’ll want to see over and over again.

Seeing people flourish is like seeing a beautiful flower come from this tiny little seed. You’ll want to plant more and more seeds. You’ll want to see more and more flourish.

What else would you add to encourage someone to share their lessons even when it requires you to be vulnerable?

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