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Secrets to Winning Listing Appointments:

The No-Fail Approach to Wooing Sellers and Crushing Your Goal

How to Close 99% of Your Listing Appointments

Tired of spending a ton of time with potential sellers—only to have them list with someone else? (It’s so frustrating, isn’t it?) In this free guide I unveil the game-changing, four-step process I use to win 99% of my listing appointments. 

In Secrets to Winning Listing Appointments, you also get:

  • The simple fix for the #1 mistake most agents make during listing appointments.
  • Access to a quick tool to make your in-person meetings 1000000% less awkward.
  • A crazy-effective email template to save you time on the front-end of your listing appointments.
  • A tried-and-true method for winning a listing even when the seller’s expectations are too high—without overpricing.
  • The confidence you need to ask the single most important question in every listing appointment.

 Winning listings doesn’t have to be so hard. Download your free copy of Secrets to Winning Listing Appointments today.

Practical Guidance, Not Just “Ideas”

You can find hundreds of freebies on the internet for real estate agents. Most of them are full of great ideas or suggestions to do this or to do that. Not this one, friends. This guide was formed in the trenches of 17 years of actual real estate experience… through thousands of failed and eventually successful listing appointments. I want to earn your email address, so I’m also providing you with:


Copy & Paste Initial Email

Copy, paste, and change out the info that’s applicable to you. This email will set the stage for your listing appointment and get you important information before you even step foot in the house.


7 Kitchen Table Questions

These are questions that you must ask at every listing appointment. I not only tell you what to ask, I also tell you why it’s important so you can understand your strategy even better. 


Pricing Script

After the tour of the home, you’ll have a ready-to-go script that easily and clearly covers the three types of pricing models. This allows you to educate your clients and close the deal. 

Whatcha waiting for? It’s free!

Don’t lose another listing appointment. Download the guide and start building a business you love today.

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