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You’ve heard the stories, now figure out how to find YOUR breakthrough.  Join us Wednesday, Feb. 2nd at 3 pm EST for a free WORKSHOP: HOW TO FIND YOUR BREAKTHROUGH.

What is Agent Breakthrough Week?


It’s a special Agent Rise Podcast interview series. Bringing you real stories of agents that have ‘broken through’ and created a business they love.  They went from struggling or being stuck, they put in the work to create a plan congruent to them and now they are loving their business and want to share their success.

How can I find my breakthrough?


What an amazing week of breakthrough stories! I have gotten so many messages from agents saying how much a certain story impacted them.

One agent said, “I lost sleep a few nights ago worrying if being an agent is for me. Will I ever find my breakthrough? Then I heard Adaya’s story and I realized I’m right where she was before her breakthrough and that mine is coming too! I just need the same roadmap as Adaya!”

If you too want that same road map as Adaya, be sure to join us Wednesday 3pm EST for a free workshop: “How To Find Your Breakthrough”. You’ve heard the stories, now figure out how to find your breakthrough. It’s free but you just need to register.

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