Creating Curiosity & Conversations with your Content – Featuring Sue “Pinky” Benson

Creating Curiosity & Conversations with your Content – Featuring Sue “Pinky” Benson

Creating Curiosity & Conversations with your Content & Mastering Real Estate Social Media: Insights from Sue “Pinky” Benson

Welcome to another episode of the Agent Rise Podcast! In this session, co-hosts Neil Mathweg and TJ McGraw are joined by the dynamic Sue “Pinky” Benson, a well-known figure in the real estate community, especially on Instagram. Although this episode was meant to be released before the Agent Rise Summit, the content remains invaluable for those who missed the event or are looking for actionable social media strategies.

Why Social Media Matters for Real Estate Agents

Pinky emphasizes that social media is not just a platform for posting listings but a space to create curiosity and spark conversations. She notes that many agents fall into the trap of posting generic, uninspiring graphics and wonder why they fail to engage their audience. The key is to create content that intrigues people and prompts them to interact, ultimately leading to more business.

Overcoming the Fear of Creating Content

One of the biggest hurdles real estate agents face is the fear of being judged or trolled online. Pinky advises agents to accept that not everyone will like them, and that’s okay. The focus should be on providing value and answering the questions potential clients are searching for. She shares inspiring success stories, like that of Don in Utah, who went from not knowing how to use a camera to creating advanced videos that have significantly boosted his business.

The Power of Time Blocking and Multipurposing Content

Balancing content creation with the demands of real estate work can be challenging. Pinky shares her strategy of time blocking, dedicating specific times for creating and planning content. She also highlights the importance of multipurposing content. For instance, when visiting a property for a listing appointment, use that time to create multiple pieces of content, from walkthrough videos to live streams. This efficient use of time ensures that you always have a bank of content ready to post.

Consistency is Key

Pinky’s success story underscores the importance of consistency. She shares how being consistent with her social media efforts over the years has not only built her brand but also directly led to significant business opportunities, like the sale of a $2.3 million condo. Agents are encouraged to think of social media like a postcard campaign – it requires ongoing effort and consistency to see results.

Practical Tips for Getting Started

For agents looking to get started, Pinky suggests a simple yet effective tip: set a daily reminder on your phone asking, “What video did I record today?” This keeps content creation top of mind and helps build the habit of regularly producing content. Remember, you don’t need to post immediately; having a stash of videos ready ensures you can maintain a consistent posting schedule.

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Escape the Overload: The Agent Rise Summit Crafting the Business You Love

Agent Rise Summit 2024 – April 28th-30th

Welcome to the special episode of the Agent Rise Podcast, where we shine a spotlight on the much-anticipated Agent Rise Summit. Set against the vibrant backdrop of downtown Fort Myers from April 28th to 30th, this summit promises an unparalleled conference experience designed to ignite your real estate career like never before. Host Neil Mathweg gives us an exclusive peek into what makes this summit a must-attend event for every real estate professional.

Key Takeaways and Insights

The Agent Rise Summit is not your average real estate conference. Neil Mathweg outlines a refreshing approach that eschews the usual information overload for a focused, personalized plan of action. Highlights include:

  • A Clear, Congruent Plan: Learn to develop a strategy that aligns with your unique strengths and goals, eliminating the paralysis by analysis many agents face post-conference.
  • Consistency is Key: Discover tools and techniques to maintain momentum in your business practices, ensuring steady growth and success.
  • Unleashing Your Unstoppable Nature: A deep dive into personal development, focusing on overcoming limiting beliefs and tapping into your inner wisdom for resilience and clarity.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: From sphere of influence to personal branding and leveraging AI, the summit covers all bases for a thriving real estate business.

A vibrant and detailed schedule poster for the Agent Rise Summit, spanning from Sunday, April 28th to Tuesday, April 30th. The top of the poster features the Agent Rise Summit logo with the dates listed below. There's an image of the summit location to the right. The first event listed is the Broker/Owner and Team Leader Mastermind on Sunday with Scott Hack as the moderator, followed by an evening rooftop party. Monday's schedule includes sessions focused on YouTube and attraction, featuring Neil Mathweg, Mindi Kessensich, Shannon Milligan, Sean Carpenter, and others, with TJ McGraw as the event emcee. Tuesday's lineup covers self-care, social media strategies, and AI in real estate, with Neil Mathweg, Sue "Pinky" Benson, and a social agent panel discussion, concluding with leveraging niches for the chase pillar. Each day is color-coded: blue for sphere of influence & attraction, yellow for attraction pillar & chase pillar, showcasing speakers' photos alongside their session titles.


The Agent Rise Summit is poised to revolutionize the way real estate professionals approach their business and personal growth. With a stellar lineup of speakers, actionable insights, and a supportive community, attendees will leave with not just a plan but a renewed sense of purpose and the confidence to execute it. Don’t miss out on this transformative experience. For tickets and more information, visit


  • [00:00:00] Introduction and Overview of the Agent Rise Summit
  • [00:00:17] Different Approach of the Agent Rise Summit Compared to Other Conferences
  • [00:00:35] The Importance of Having a Clear, Congruent Plan
  • [00:01:12] The Framework to Follow at the Agent Rise Summit
  • [00:01:30] Emphasis on Consistency and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
  • [00:02:11] Combining Tactical Business Strategies and Personal Development
  • [00:02:29] Introduction to the Agent Rise Framework and Three Pillars
  • [00:02:47] Focus on the Sphere of Influence on Day One
  • [00:03:07] One-Sheet Plan Introduction and Collaborative Planning
  • [00:03:59] The Unstoppable Nature of Personal Development at the Summit
  • [00:04:15] Handling Challenges and the Power of Inner Wisdom
  • [00:05:23] Becoming Unstoppable Through Personal Growth
  • [00:06:00] Discussing NAR Changes and Buyer Agency Presentations
  • [00:07:01] Encouragement for Overcoming Fears and Doubts
  • [00:07:25] Neil’s Personal Journey and Transformation
  • [00:08:04] Detailed Agenda Breakdown for the Summit
  • [00:09:05] Broker Owner Team Leader Mastermind Session
  • [00:09:18] Kickoff Rooftop Party Details
  • [00:10:26] Start of the Full Conference and Initial Talks
  • [00:11:06] First Talk: Becoming Unstoppable and Framework Introduction
  • [00:11:27] Mindy Kastnick’s Session on Building Authentic Plans
  • [00:12:50] Shannon Milligan’s Session on Building a Raving Fan Club
  • [00:14:13] Sean Carpenter’s Session on Sphere of Influence
  • [00:15:25] Afternoon Sessions: Camera Confidence and Attraction Pillar
  • [00:17:02] Introduction to YouTube Strategy Sessions
  • [00:19:03] Karen Carr’s Secrets of Breaking Through on YouTube
  • [00:20:17] Jerry Potter’s Innovative Podcasting Strategy
  • [00:22:22] YouTube Panel Discussion
  • [00:23:09] Day Two: Focusing on Self-Care and Social Media Strategies
  • [00:24:32] Sue Pinky Benson on Instagram Engagement and Personal Branding
  • [00:25:30] Dustin Brougham’s Session on Social Media Best Practices
  • [00:26:24] Introduction to AI in Real Estate
  • [00:28:05] Discussing the Chase Pillar and Lead Generation Strategies
  • [00:29:36] Pre-Summit Interviews and Final Preparations
  • [00:30:09] Ticket Information, Accommodations, and Attendee Activities
  • [00:31:18] Networking Opportunities and Social Events at the Summit
  • [00:32:05] Closing Remarks and Call to Action

Show Notes:

  • Introduction to the Agent Rise Summit
  • Developing a Clear, Congruent Plan
  • Strategies for Consistency
  • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
  • Tactical Business Strategies and Personal Development Insights
  • Framework for Success: The Agent Rise Steps
  • Utilizing AI in Real Estate
  • Mastering Buyer Agency Presentation
  • Networking Opportunities and Social Events
  • For detailed agenda and speaker info, visit


NAR SETTLEMENT Explained and Strategies for Real Estate Agents to Thrive

NAR SETTLEMENT Explained and Strategies for Real Estate Agents to Thrive

Navigating the NAR Settlement: A Beacon for Real Estate Agents

In the ever-evolving landscape of the real estate industry, the recent NAR settlement has become a focal point of discussion, concern, and ultimately, adaptation. The settlement, which caught many by surprise with its swift resolution, has left real estate agents pondering their next steps in an industry they perceive as under siege. Yet, amid the swirling uncertainties and the storm of misinformation, there lies a path to not only navigate these changes but to thrive in their wake.

The Reality of Change

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) settlement has undeniably shaken the foundation of the real estate profession. Agents, seasoned and newcomers alike, find themselves at a crossroads, facing a future where traditional practices are being reevaluated and new strategies must be forged. However, the essence of real estate—helping buyers and sellers navigate the journey of homeownership—remains unchanged. The settlement merely introduces a new route to the same destination, challenging agents to adapt their sails to the changing winds.

Embracing the Challenge

As a real estate agent with over two decades of experience, I have witnessed the resilience and ingenuity of our profession time and again. The NAR settlement, while a significant milestone, is but another challenge in our ongoing quest to serve our clients with excellence and integrity. It is a call to arms, urging us to roll up our sleeves, reevaluate our practices, and continue to evolve.

Strategies for Thriving

  1. Focus on Your Business: In the face of industry changes, it is crucial to concentrate on what you can control—your business. Stay informed through your broker and association, but avoid being consumed by the fear and uncertainty that change can bring.
  2. Understand Your Value: More than ever, agents must articulate their value to both buyers and sellers. This entails a deep dive into the nuances of buyer and seller representation and a commitment to excellence in every transaction.
  3. Adapt to New Structures: The NAR settlement necessitates a reevaluation of commission structures and representation agreements. Agents will need to navigate these changes with transparency, ensuring that clients are fully informed and that their interests are paramount.
  4. Leverage Education and Training: The settlement provides a unique opportunity for professional development. Whether it’s mastering new forms of buyer representation or refining your negotiation skills, continuous learning will be key to success.
  5. Stay Optimistic: Perhaps the most important strategy is to maintain an optimistic outlook. The real estate industry is no stranger to adversity, and time and again, we have emerged stronger for it.

Looking Ahead

The NAR settlement is not the end of the real estate profession as we know it but a new beginning. It offers us the chance to reassess our practices, to innovate, and to reaffirm our commitment to serving our clients with integrity and professionalism. As we look to the future, let us embrace this opportunity to build a more transparent, equitable, and resilient real estate industry.

Audio Podcast

Mentioned during the show:

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  • [00:00:00] Introduction and Overview of the NAR Settlement
  • [00:01:00] Impact of the Settlement on Real Estate Agents
  • [00:02:00] Overcoming Industry Fears and Myths
  • [00:03:00] Agent Rise Summit Announcement
  • [00:04:00] Adapting to Changes in Commission and Representation
  • [00:05:00] Strategies for Moving Forward
  • [00:06:00] The Importance of Buyer and Seller Representation
  • [00:07:00] Future of Real Estate Commissions
  • [00:08:00] Focusing on Your Business and Value
  • [00:09:00] Preparing for New Forms and Workflows
  • [00:10:00] Closing Thoughts and Summit Reminders
How to get PROBATE LISTINGS: Become the Go-To Real Estate Agent

How to get PROBATE LISTINGS: Become the Go-To Real Estate Agent

“Mastering the Probate Market: A Guide for Real Estate Agents”

In the latest episode of the Agent Rise Podcast, host Neil Mathweg, along with TJ McGraw, shines a light on the often-overlooked niche of probate real estate. With guests Jim Sullivan and Tim Yandell from All the Leads, the discussion offers a deep dive into how agents can serve clients navigating probate, turning a challenging time into an opportunity for genuine support and service.

Probate real estate is not just about transactions; it’s about understanding and empathy. Jim and Tim emphasize the importance of approaching potential clients with a heart of contribution. They provide actionable insights on building a support network of legal, cleaning, and estate sale professionals to offer comprehensive assistance to executors and families in distress.

The podcast also touches on the practicalities of acquiring probate leads, the benefits of attending probate court sessions, and the significance of establishing rapport with attorneys to ensure a steady flow of referrals. Moreover, the conversation extends beyond probate to explore the realm of divorce leads and other niche markets ripe for real estate agents’ expertise.

This episode is a must-listen for agents looking to diversify their portfolio, offering a roadmap to success in probate real estate through compassion, knowledge, and strategic action.

How To Get Listings: Working with For Sale By Owners and Expired Listings

How To Get Listings: Working with For Sale By Owners and Expired Listings

Unlocking Listings in Today’s Real Estate Market: A Guide for Agents

In the latest Agent Rise Podcast episode, Neil Mathwig takes a solo flight to discuss an increasingly relevant topic in the real estate industry—securing listings in a market that is seeing a comeback of for sale by owners (FSBOs) and expired listings. As the market dynamics shift, these two categories offer ripe opportunities for agents willing to adapt and refine their strategies.

The Return of FSBOs and Expired Listings

For several years, a hot market meant few expired listings and FSBOs feeling confident enough to sell on their own. However, as Neil points out, the landscape is changing. With more FSBOs recognizing the value of an agent and an increase in expired listings in certain markets, the door is open for agents to step in with the right approach.

Strategies for Success

Neil emphasizes consistency and adaptation in approach, whether through phone calls or mail campaigns. He shares the importance of setting up systems, like a six-week mailing program for expired listings, which allows for consistent outreach without the need for constant direct contact. For FSBOs, Neil recommends a more direct approach via phone calls, offering help and resources without the pretense of having an immediate buyer, thereby building trust and positioning oneself as a valuable resource.

Building Trust and Authority

Key to Neil’s advice is the focus on building trust and establishing oneself as an authority. This involves asking the right questions to understand the seller’s situation and providing valuable information, such as a special report on critical questions sellers should ask their next real estate agent. Such resources not only position agents as experts but also build trust with potential clients.

A New Approach to FSBOs and Expired Listings

Neil’s insights extend to innovative strategies for approaching FSBOs and expired listings, such as leveraging past market data to identify potential sellers and offering genuine assistance to FSBOs without resorting to deceptive tactics. He advocates for a transparent, service-oriented approach that fosters long-term relationships and leads to more listings.

Join the Conversation

The episode concludes with an invitation to join the Agent Rise community, where agents can access resources, support, and strategies to thrive in today’s challenging market. Neil’s message is clear: with the right approach, today’s market conditions present a unique opportunity for agents to grow their listings and succeed.

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Must-Do Moves for Probate Real Estate Agents (Episode 440)

Must-Do Moves for Probate Real Estate Agents (Episode 440)

In the latest episode of the Agent Rise Podcast, Neil Mathweg and TJ McGraw share invaluable insights into navigating the probate real estate market. This detailed discussion not only sheds light on the initial apprehensions associated with probate real estate but also outlines a path to becoming a trusted advisor during a family’s time of need.

The conversation kicks off with TJ McGraw sharing his journey from apprehension to understanding the value he could bring to families undergoing the probate process. The duo discusses the importance of approaching potential clients with empathy, highlighting the emotional weight of probate sales and the common stigma attached to it.

Further, they delve into the tactical aspects of probate real estate, including building a comprehensive support team, from attorneys to estate salespeople, and the significance of offering a concierge-like service to ease the client’s burden.

Neil and TJ also tackle the practicalities of acquiring probate leads, emphasizing the power of personalized communication and the strategic use of digital platforms to establish credibility and trust.

This episode is not just about the mechanics of probate real estate; it’s a testament to the impact real estate agents can make by serving with heart and integrity. Whether you’re new to the niche or looking to refine your approach, Neil and TJ’s conversation is a treasure trove of wisdom for any real estate professional.


📘 Build a real estate business you love! Start with the Agent Rise Book – Get the first five chapters for free –

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🎧 The Agent Rise Podcast has been producing a weekly podcast for real estate agents since 2016 – that’s over 300 weeks in a row. Search for your favorite at



[00:00:00] Introduction to the Episode

[00:01:00] Meet TJ McGraw: From Apprehension to Probate Expertise

[00:05:00] Debunking the Myths of Probate Real Estate

[00:10:00] Building a Support Network: Key Relationships and Resources

[00:15:00] Acquiring Probate Leads: Strategies and Challenges

[00:20:00] The Art of Communication: Mailing, Digital Credibility, and Phone Calls

[00:25:00] Serving with Empathy: Real Stories of Impact

[00:30:00] Next Steps for Agents Interested in Probate Real Estate

[00:35:00] Closing Thoughts and Resources

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