It’s Time to Drink Some Real Estate Onion Juice – Episode 1

Welcome to the Onion Juice podcast. It’s all about shaking up and redefining the Real Estate industry. I’m Neil Mathweg, a Realtor who works and lives in Madison, Wisconsin. I’m a part of the fastest growing company in my area, and have a passion to help agents like you rethink your business and how you go about serving the people you serve – in ways that matter. It’s time to change things, to do things differently, and how to attract people instead of chasing them. It’s time for you to begin drinking the Onion Juice.


Why did I choose the name Onion Juice?


In my view, Realtors all across the country is drinking a figurative “orange juice.” It’s the same old way of doing business – chasing leads, prospecting, marketing through direct mail in bragging, self-centered ways. But since I’m aiming at doing things differently I want to portray my mission differently – as Onion Juice. It may sound terrible but I guarantee you, once you get your brain around the ways I’m suggesting we do business in the new media-based world we live in, you’ll never want to drink the orange juice again.


Onion Juice is about attracting people instead of chasing them (and repelling them).


The Real Estate business has traditionally been about chasing down leads. I get that. When you first start as a Realtor there’s no other option because you have to get cash coming in quickly. But honestly, I HATE that way of doing business. It makes me feel dirty, slimy, like I’m the typical slick salesman that people hate. So I determined that I was going to come up with a new way to do it, and guess what? It actually works better (and I feel better about myself at the same time). So… be sure you listen to this episode to learn how you can get on the Onion Juice train.

How you can use social media in ways that bring clients to you.


One of the things I’ve learned about how Realtors typically use social media is that it doesn’t work. They post their listings. They post their sales reports. They post pictures of their latest closing – and it comes across as bragging. I don’t like it and I’ve noticed that average people (the ones who you want to be your clients) don’t either. On this episode of Onion Juice I want to introduce you to a new way of thinking, a new way of doing business that is more fun, more effective, and that helps our clients in the exact ways we really want to be helping them. Intrigued? Give this a listen!


I want to talk about so many things on the Onion Juice podcast, I don’t even know where to begin.


I’ve been in the real estate business long enough, and for some reason I have a bit of a peculiar way of looking at things that enables me to see the holes and missteps that typically happen in the business. That ability causes me to recoil at some of what I see – and I get passionate about changing it. As a result I’ve got so many thoughts that I want to share with my fellow Realtors to help us, together, change the real estate industry for the better. On this initial episode of Onion Juice I’m sharing the ideas I have so far about what I’ll be addressing on future episodes. I’m confident that at least one of these topics is going to push your buttons, so be sure to listen!


Outline of this great episode


  • [0:24] My introduction of this episode and the entire podcast.
  • [1:40] What IS the idea behind the Onion Juice podcast?
  • [3:50] There are tons of ways to shake up the Real Estate industry that actually work better.
  • [8:21] Upcoming shows I have in mind and why they will benefit you.
  • [19:05] How you could be a guest on the show.


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