Being the Artistic Guru who Connects Your Audience to your Real Estate Business – Episode 2

When you heard me talk about being a Real Estate agent who is also an artistic guru, your eyes may have rolled back in your head. But I want you to rethink what you think I’m saying. I’m not talking about being some “out there” sort of guru – I’m talking about how you can use the interests you already have to share on a broader scale. You’ll find that you will attract people who are also interested in those things, and they’ll discover almost accidentally that you’re a Realtor… and the rest works from there. Find out more on this episode of Onion Juice.


Why creating art is a great way to connect with people who need what you do.


Art of various types (writing, painting, photography, singing, etc.) make an emotional connection with people. It’s tapping into the heart and soul of what makes us tick as individuals. When you are able to share the art that is part of your life and interests, you’re able to connect with people on those deeper levels that engender trust and relationship – and that goes a long way toward drawing people to be interested in the other aspects of your life (like your real estate business). You can do more than you think by being “artsy” in public, and I’m going to give you a lot of suggestions how you can, on this episode.


How a simple trivia game got me more than one client.


Your art doesn’t have to be amazing, it just has to be you. One of the things I’ve done that’s been incredibly powerful for my real estate business is a Monday trivia game that I post every week on Monday mornings. People engage with it, look forward to it, and have reached out to me for their real estate needs even though the game has never once directly promoted my business or my skill as as realtor. I’ve got lots of ideas like this that I’ve tried over the years, and I’m sharing them on this episode. Who knows, one of them might inspire you to your next big deal!

Think in terms of relationships, not in terms of prospects.


The goal of social media, and all forms of media in fact, is not sales. You have to get that through your head. The reason you’re doing those things is to build relationships, which are the foundation of trust. And we all know that trust is what builds a great client base and future sales. Too many Realtors go about it backwards, which explains why their results are a bit backwards. I’ve got lots of suggestions for how you can build those relationships on this episode, to set aside some time to listen.


In everything you do, keep the people on the other end in mind.


We have to be honest and admit that everything I’m talking about on the Onion Juice podcast is for the sake of getting clients into your Real Estate business. That’s a fact. But nothing about that means that you’re a greedy, uncaring businessman (or woman) who only wants one thing. It is possible (and necessary) to want more than one thing in this case. You’ve got to be doing what you’re doing to help people AND make money – and they can totally go hand in hand. Listen to to today’s episode to hear more about how you can express yourself through art – and help people and your business at the same time.


Outline of this great episode


  • [0:24] My introduction this episode.
  • [3:01] How I have proved that I don’t need to prospect.
  • [4:00] My explanation of this “create art” idea.
  • [7:50] How you can get my 2 step listing process that has exploded my business.
  • [10:05] Ideas of the types of art you can create to connect with your clients.
  • [14:30] Champion a cause ideas.
  • [

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Sue Adler – Neighborhood Videos


Bill Gassett – Neighborhood Pages


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My “Husky Section” Facebook page


My “Change The Game” videos  


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