Why YOU SHOULD be a Media Company That Happens to Sell Real Estate – Episode 4

What you’ll hear on this episode is a HUGE part of what’s behind my mission with Onion Juice. I am convinced that in the day and age in which we live, every business person needs to think differently about the way they approach their prospective clients. You can’t go after them as much as you used to – instead, you’ve got to learn how to put out informative, entertaining, helpful media that does two things: #1 – it positions you as an expert and “everyday” guy or gal, and #2 – it engages people with you in a real relationship that engenders trust. Hear how I go about this and get your own ideas going by listening to this episode.


People should hire you because of who you are, not because of what you offer.


It’s crazy how this one works, but the fact is that it really does work. When you focus on being a media company that happens to sell real estate, you’re going to find that the media you put out is going to put you onto the radar of the very people you’re hoping to attract – and it will do it in ways you never imagined. People will begin to see who you are as a person and in time, they will come to like you and even look forward to what you post. They’ll know you’re a real estate agent, sure – but they won’t even care how good you are. Instead, they’ll just trust you because they feel that they know you. Find out how to do it on this episode of Onion Juice.


How becoming a media company will help you cross the line.


What line am I talking about? The line between people buying from you because you are the best and people buying from you because of who YOU are. It’s a line of relationship and a line of trust, and you don’t cross it by telling people how great you are. You cross it by letting them see who you are and have the opportunity to like you as an individual. Crossing that line will amplify your business and increase your sales. Trust me, this really works. Find out how to make it happen on this episode of Onion Juice.

A social media example of what you can do to attract attention as a media company.


This idea makes a lot more sense when you see a real life example, so on this episode I’m going to give you one. It’s an example that comes out of some of the ways MY media company interacts and engages with people on Facebook, and initially it has nothing to do with real estate. But in the end it snagged a new real estate client when she knew absolutely nothing about how good I am as a realtor. Want to know how I accomplished THAT? You’ll have to listen to this episode of Onion Juice to hear the story. Believe me, it’s worth it.


It doesn’t matter how good you are as a Real Estate Agent. Really.


I’m not encouraging you to be shoddy or lazy in your work as a Realtor. Not at all. You want everything you do to be done with excellence or else the word will get out that you’re not worth trusting. What I’m saying is that when you’re trying to gain clients, they really don’t care if you are the best. What they really care about is whether or not you care about them and their situation. It’s a powerful principle about building trust that I’m going to dive into on this episode of Onion Juice.


Outline of this great episode


  • [0:24] My introduction and welcome!
  • [1:51] The line we should all aspire to cross as a real estate agent.
  • [6:40] You’ve got to know how to break through the noise of the media world.
  • [11:30] How you can get my listing process for free.
  • [12:18] More ideas about how you can become the media company first.
  • [

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