5 Listing Presentation Mistakes that Lose the Listing – Episode #44

Ep 44 Album coverAs a real estate agent your listing presentation is one of the most important things you do. It’s where you truly “make the sale” with your prospective client. It’s where you make a personal connection that engenders trust. That means you have to do it well. No – you have to do it incredibly, amazingly, stupendously well. How do you do that? You’ve got to get my video demonstration to see how I’ve successfully done it throughout my career. But you also want to avoid the mistakes that I see over and over in the listing appointments that agents present to their prospective clients. Today I’m covering those mistakes. Avoid these.


Make your first call with a prospect SSS: Short and Sweet, Stupid. 🙂


When I was trained on how to receive a call from an interested prospect I was given a list of 20 questions (maybe not 20, but it feels like it) that I was supposed to ask that prospect on that first call. They were supposed to “pre-qualify” the person. But what I’ve found is that too many questions in that first call tend to irritate the client because they are calling around to lots of agents just trying to get the ball rolling. They don’t want to be bogged down in a long phone call. So what I do is get some basic information and then set the listing appointment. When I’m face to face – man, that’s where the real magic happens. Today’s episode goes in depth about this mistake and 4 others that agents make on their listing presentations. You need to know this, so please – take the time to listen.


Putting the house tour before getting to know the client is WRONG.


When you show up at the door of a prospective client’s home for your first listing appointment, what do you do right away? Most agents I’ve talked with or worked with suggest a tour of the house right away. DON’T DO IT! It’s vital that before you deal with THINGS you make a connection with the PEOPLE – because people are more important than things every, single time. When your client gets the feeling that you care about them (and you give them that feeling by sitting down at the kitchen table and asking questions) you make an impression that most of the other agents they’re talking with don’t. That’s your leg up on the competition that gets you many more appointments than you lose. Today’s episode will help you get more listings and increase your bottom line, so be sure you listen.

In your listing appointment you’ve gotta’ be real! Shut your mouth and listen.


I’ve come to believe that most prospects who call you out for a listing appointment have already done at least a small bit of research about you or your office. You don’t need to go in there and try to “sell them” on who you are and what a hotshot you will be for them. That kind of bravado sets the wrong tone. You want to listen so you can understand them, their concerns, their needs, their desires, and their hopes for the transaction. When you understand THEM you will find that you’re able to cater your responses and even your CMA to the very things they are hoping on getting out of the relationship. It’s “Trust Building 101” and I’m going to talk about it on this episode of The Onion Juice.


Never, NEVER take a CMA to your listing appointment. Never.


I feel so strongly about this one and I get a good deal of pushback about it, but I’ve found it to be one of the most important things to a successful listing appointment. DON’T take a CMA with you on the first appointment? Why? Because showing up with a price for their house already determined often shuts the door on them working with you. Most people already have an idea of what their property is worth and right or wrong, they want that opinion to be validated. When you come in immediately with a price that may be lower than their expectations you lose the chance to help them understand that price compared to the market and adjust their thinking going forward. You’ve got to hear my entire explanation on this one. Trust me, it will make you more money!


Outline of this great episode


  • [0:24] Neil’s introduction of this episode about Listing Presentation mistakes.
  • [2:00] A summary of my client-grabbing listing presentation format.
  • [10:20] Today in social media.
  • [12:16] The first mistake: Mishandling the first call you receive.
  • [15:13] Mistake #2: Walking through the house first.
  • [16:27] Never act like a hotshot, professional, or superstar.
  • [18:54] Mistake #4: I never take a CMA to the first appointment.
  • [22:55] I don’t get the “prelisting package” agents covertly drop off for clients.
  • [25:52] How you can get my “full version” of a super effective listing appointment presentation.
  • [28:00] Find me on Snapchat, Facebook Live, and more platforms – I’d love to meet you!

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