7 Reasons Camera First Should Be Your Marketing Strategy, with Chelsea Peitz – Episode 66

7 Reasons Camera First Should Be Your Marketing Plan with Chelsea PeitzI’m so excited to bring you another of our “camera first” conversations on this episode of The Onion Juice podcast. I started this topic on last week’s show by having a conversation I had with my friend Chelsea Peitz and she had so much goodness to share with you about how to use the camera in your pocket I decided that we needed to talk about this topic a bit more. So in this episode, Chelsea is back to give you some great strategies and tips that you can use to put your camera first marketing strategy into practice. It’s not hard. But not everyone will do it. I dare you… NO, I double dog dare you to try out some of her suggestions!


You need to build a camera first strategy because everybody has one these days!


At a recent conference with 500 people in attendance the speaker wanted to make the point of how prevalent the smartphone is. He asked the audience to raise their hands if they DID NOT have a smartphone on them at that moment. NOBODY RAISED THEIR HAND. It’s proof that everybody has a movie studio in their pockets – and that means YOU now have the tools not only to create quality video but to engage with people live in real time, building your reputation and your brand. On this episode, my friend Chelsea is going to give you 7 reasons why you should switch to what she’s calling a camera first strategy for building your business. You’ll want to hear this one!


Less and less people are watching video that doesn’t talk back. Here’s why.


One of the things Chelsea mentioned in my conversation with her about the prevalence of video on social media is that she’s finding it less and less enjoyable to watch video that doesn’t talk back to her. That means TV and movies! She pointed out how much fun it is to interact with other people via streaming video on Facebook LIVE, Snapchat, Periscope, and other platforms – and how Apple TV and other platforms are now carrying those streams as well. It’s another way that you can use that tech in your pocket to build an audience and make a difference. Find out what Chelsea suggests to get started, on this episode of The Onion Juice podcast.


Live video makes it possible for YOU to compete with the big boys.


It used to be that if you wanted to get a video message in front of people who might be interested in what you have to offer you’d have to pay big bucks to get a video company or TV station to get your message out for you. But those days are over. One of the most powerful points on this episode is that now you, – yes, little old YOU – can compete with the big brands simply by putting live video on social media channels like Facebook and YouTube. You can do it inexpensively and effectively with a small little bit of practice and planning. My friend Chelsea is back on the show to help you think it through and get your plan of action developed. You can hear it all on this episode.


Live video is weighted favorably by Facebook. That means you can use it to get noticed now!


Many people don’t realize this but Facebook has revealed that it is causing live video to appear more highly in news feeds than anything else. That means if you want your following, friends, Facebook pals and others to see your stuff – video is the way to go. You’ll have many more eyes on what you have to say if you say it with video. There’s no telling how long this will be the case so it’s important that you get on board now and start building that audience. And what do you do once you have them? My friend Chelsea and I kick that one around quite a bit in this episode so make sure you listen in to the conversation!


Outline of this great episode


  • [0:30] My introduction to this episode and my guest Chelsea.
  • [5:00] A camera helps people experience things with you.
  • [9:18] Live video is an area where you  can compete with the big boys.
  • [11:05] If you want free organic reach, live video gives it to you right now.
  • [16:34] Everybody loves video. It’s real!
  • [20:10] Video helps make connections like real life.
  • [27:17] Tip #1: Add some subtitles for your Facebook videos.
  • [28:49] Tip #2: Think of live video as your own TV channel (schedule things).
  • [31:15] Tip #3: Do a contest or make a networking opportunity to engage people.
  • [32:29] Tip #4: Make eye contact with the people who are watching you.
  • [34:15] Tip #5: Share out your content to other platforms.
  • [36:48] Tip #6: How could you do some interviews? Use a 3rd part app.


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The first part of this conversation – Episode 65


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