C’mon, Get Snappy! Learn how to put Snapchat to work for you! – Episode 36

Ep 36 Album coverIn this episode of Onion Juice I’ve invited The SnapPack back to talk about what’s changed with Snapchat in recent months. You might remember we talked to them 15 episodes ago or so. Well, nothing stands still, certainly not social media! So today they’re back with some useful updates. It’s all part and parcel of the Onion Juice mission to help you be the best realtor you can–one who attracts business, not chases it! Using social media is not just part of your trade, it’s your art, and the Snap Pack’s got some great insights in this episode.


Make videos that POP! No snoozers, please.


Snapchat has a lot of new features you can use to really make your videos stand out. In this episode of Onion Juice, I pick the brains of The SnapPack to really delve into what those cool features are. Do you know about the new auto advance feature? Wow! How about the video and audio call options that are now available? And stickers! They’ve been around for a while, but there are so many options with them now. Did you know you can put a sticker somewhere in your video, say on your forehead, and it’ll stay there throughout the video? Learn more here…


Snapchat’s not always a snap. But it can be FUN!


Let’s be honest: networking through Snapchat is a chore. It takes time and it takes thought. But working it into your daily routine can go a long way toward making sure you maintain a consistent presence. Remember, here at Onion Juice, our aim is not simply to be great realtors, but to be media companies who happen to sell real estate. In this episode, members of The SnapPack talk about their own successes and failures with using Snapchat in different ways to improve their business. Learn from their experiments with geofilters, ghost codes, and more.

Snapchat is not just for your teenage daughter!


A lot of folks want to let the extent of their social media aptitude live and die on Facebook. They’re missing out! Snapchat is just as easy to use. Do it like you did with Facebook: just get on there and figure it out. You’ll be amazed how user-friendly and intuitive it is and how much it can expand your reach. It’s also a great platform for repurposing content that you can then use on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, Twitter, etc. Listen to The Snap Chat talk casually here about the far-reaching advantages of getting to know Snapchat from the inside.


What gets YOU talking? Being asked a question, duh!


The same principle applies on Snapchat. If you want to get a lot of response and engagement from your followers, ask something. Ask for opinions about something. As a realtor, maybe ask which of these two properties people like better and why. Start discussions. But avoid boring, end-in-themselves comments. “I am heading to work now.” Um, okay. Who cares?! The professionals from The Snap Pack talk in this Onion Juice episode talk about other types of posts that have generated a lot of activity for them. Listen here to learn from their experience. Come on, get Snappy!


Outline of this great episode


  • [0:27] The Snap Pack is back to talk about what’s changed with Snapchat.
  • [3:30] Some new, special features available with the new version of SnapChat released in March.
  • [6:10] This Week in Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Windows updates).
  • [12:55] Here are the most important things the social media gurus of The Snap Pack have learned about Snapchat.  
  • [17:05] How to use geofilters as a realtor; jump on the very beginning of this train!
  • [23:55] How Snapchat helps you realize how much content there is out there for you to repurpose.
  • [33:17] About getting your local community to embrace and become part of Snapchat.
  • [40:05] Strategies for generating interactions on Snapchat.

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