Creative Real Estate Ideas to Get More Listings, part 2 Conversation with Ray Wood – Episode 56

Ep 56 Album coverIf you are looking for creative real estate ideas, this episode is filled with things that my guest, Ray Wood and I have found to be not only creative but also effective at generating leads that turn into listings. This is part two of our conversation and it’s just as packed with gold nugget ideas as the first episode was (be sure you listen to that one as well). These outside-the-box ideas are things you can implement right away, exactly as we describe them. But you should also consider that these ideas may get your creative onion juices flowing so that you come up with your own hairbrained schemes that turn into new listings and happy customers for you. This Onion Juice episode is packed with goodness. Get in on it by listening.


Give to Get Marketing could be your golden ticket to more home listings!


Have you heard about “give to get” marketing? It’s a term that my guest, Ray Wood coined and it’s how he describes the process of giving great value to people in order to build relationships that eventually turn into leads, referrals, or sales. It’s a creative approach to real estate that most people don’t utilize because they are too afraid. What are they afraid of? They think they might give away too much, that they’ll have nothing left to offer. But the exact opposite is what ends up happening. When you give it all away, people come back to you as grateful, trusting fans and many times wind up giving you business. Listen to how Ray describes what it looks like to do it right, on this episode.


What might happen if you offered a “seller seminar” in your community?


One of the ways I’ve found to do real estate creatively is to host seller seminars or workshops. Take the time to think through this one, because it’s a natural way to tap into the natural desire sellers have to sell their home quickly and for the price they want. If you can put together a truly helpful seminar that teaches people the little things they can do to make their home the most attractive property on the market and walk them through what to expect in terms of paperwork and processes, you’ll quickly become a trusted person in their eyes – leading to more listings. It’s a no-brainer that you’ve got to try. Find out how Ray and I do it, on this episode of the Onion Juice podcast.


People are looking for valuable information. Are you willing to give it to them?


What are the reasons you go traipsing around the internet? I’ve found that most people are surfing for one of two reasons: entertainment and information. As a real estate agent, you have the opportunity to provide both, if you are willing to do it. People who are looking to buy or sell a home will be drawn to you if you provide them valuable information they truly need and do it in a fun, laid-back, or entertaining way. It’s one of the many creative real estate ideas that Ray and I talk about on this episode, so don’t miss out by ignoring the play button on this one!


The more perfect you are, the less people can relate to you.


When you’re interacting with people – in real life or on social media – don’t worry about being all made up and perfect. I know, that’s the idea we get from news programs and TV shows about what you’re supposed to be like if you appear on camera or post a picture of yourself, but trust me, people can’t relate to your perfection. They need to see that you are the real deal, a flawed person just like them. When they see that you mess up and admit it – or laugh about it – they find you winsome and attractive. And I’m all about attracting clients, as you know. My guest, Ray Wood has tons of great stuff to share on this episode so please be sure you listen to his creative ways to do real estate and get more listings as a result.


Outline of this great episode


  • [0:27] My introduction to this episode (part two) with Ray Wood!
  • [4:24] What is “Give to Get” marketing?
  • [7:06] Where people go wrong with this approach.
  • [8:40] What about doing a seller seminar in your community?
  • [14:00] The value of knowing the soil in your community and nurturing new residents/buyers.
  • [20:21] Begin relationships using social media.
  • [25:00] Why you HAVE to reach out to past clients consistently.
  • [28:21] Leveraging corporate relocations to get more listings.
  • [32:18] How to do a  “What’s My Home Worth?” campaign.
  • [33:00] Paid sites you can use to get leads.
  • [34:24] Advice for a new realtor who’s having issues getting rolling.


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