Creative Real Estate Marketing Strategies, with Sue “Pinky” Benson – Episode 86

Creative Real Estate Marketing Strategies, with Sue “Pinky” Benson - Episode 86When it comes to being a media company that just happens to sell Real Estate, Sue “Pinky” Benson is doing a great job and is making a big splash in her market. Her creative Real Estate marketing strategies set her apart from other agents in her area and attract people to her. I’m excited for you to hear this episode, catch some of Sue’s energy, and pick up some great Real Estate marketing ideas!

“Play like it’s 2017” and work as a group

In the past, Real Estate agents were protective of their listings and wanted to control the information. In today’s episode, Sue “Pinky” Benson talks about living in the present and why working as a group to get the information out as widely as possible is critical in today’s market. Listen in to find out how networking with other agents and using technology to share information and promote one another’s businesses can raise the respect people have for you and attract clients.

Using Facebook Lists for marketing strategies and supporting the Real Estate community

Want to find out what is happening in your community so that you can provide value to your audience? Would you like to communicate in a more personal way with your clients or find an easy way to network with other agents? In this episode, Sue “Pinky” Benson talks about how to use Facebook lists to accomplish these things and more. If you have never used Facebook Lists for Real Estate marketing, you definitely want to listen to this episode and find out what a great tool it is!

How to start over in a new area in Real Estate

Sue “Pinky” Benson moved to Naples, Florida just two years ago, going from a community with a few hundred Real Estate agents to an area with thousands. In this episode, she talks about the transition and how she is creating success in a market that is flooded with agents. Join us to find out how her creative Real Estate marketing strategies are providing value and attracting clients to her.

Spotlight your community to provide value to your clients

Sue “Pinky” Benson wants the community to know that she is there for them. In this episode, she tells us why we should get out and know what the community has to offer, and how that allows us to give more value to our clients. Sue embraces a philosophy of giving, not just trying to get. Listen in to get some creative Real Estate marketing ideas that help strengthen your community and attract clients at the same time.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:35] Introduction to the Onion Juice podcast, this episode, and our sponsors
  • [7:55] Introduction of Sue “Pinky” Benson, best known for her unique video and marketing strategies.
  • [9:44] You’re as good as those you surround yourself with.
  • [16:59] Sharing others’ listings can attract people to you.
  • [17:57] How to use Facebook Lists for marketing strategies and supporting the Real Estate community.
  • [21:48] How to start over in a new area.
  • [28:30] How Sue Benson chose “Pinky” for her brand.
  • [29:55] Tips for recording a professional video commercial.
  • [31:07] The importance of a bio and how to write it.

Resources & Links mentioned in this episode

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