Don’t be afraid to dive into social media. You won’t drown, I promise! – Episode 39

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Are you afraid of social media? Thinking it’s something your teens can handle, but it would completely snow you? In this episode, I want to focus especially on helping you overcome that fear. Learn how easy it truly is! And then learn how amazing your business can grow when you learn how to become a media company that just happens to sell real estate. Then once you like what you hear here, go back and listen to back episodes of Onion Juice for more solid ideas on how to use media to take your business to the next level.


My first show makes my ears hurt! But hey, I made it–and many more (and much better) thereafter!


Several months ago, my guest Rory Washington was clueless about how to incorporate media into his real estate business, but now he’s absolutely crushing it on Snapchat, and more! How did he do it? Mostly just by diving in and giving it a go. When he first started out as a realtor, he did what the “gurus” said: a lot of phone calling and door-knocking. But that got him nowhere except feeling like he was annoying people. Then he discovered Onion Juice and got on board! Just a few months later, he’s killing it in the once foreign world of social media. Listen here for more about how he stopped chasing business and learned to attract it instead.


Learn how to be entertaining, not irritating! And NOT a stiff.


My guest in this episode of Onion Juice tells about a pretty embarrassing thing that happened to him a while ago when he was making videos in a park. He was publicly accused of being a creeper, taking pictures of mothers and children! Did he rush to delete that post? No, he highlighted it on his own Facebook page. And guess what, people LOVED it! It was hilarious and it generated a lot of interactions on his page. Here he talks about that and other important lessons he learned about being an entertainer, not a stiff that takes himself too seriously.

Skip first gear! Open up and start in second gear with your clients.


Most people like to work with people they feel are like-minded to themselves. It’s not necessarily professionalism that attracts them to a certain realtor. It’s being a regular guy. That’s why posting zany things on Facebook, or raw things on Snapchat, can win you more clients than putting the number of houses you sold last year on a billboard. Open up. Be real. Be vulnerable. In this episode, my guest Rory Pitts talks about how much his business grew when he stopped doing what traditional realtors told him to do and started letting his inner media artist flourish.

But who are you REALLY? (One question your clients should never need to ask)


If you’re using social media on a daily basis, your clients will know you. If you’re posting entertaining things, their friends will get to know you too! Social media can drive your networking to an exponential level. In this episode, we talk about how to post a little something, a little glimpse into your day, everyday, and why that is so important. Even if, for instance, you set aside Sundays as family day; post that. Let your people know, “Hanging with my kiddos in the park on this gorgeous afternoon!” That’s not narcissism; it’s just fleshing out your online persona and letting people see the real you. That and more great tips on how to attract business rather than chase it in this episode of Onion Juice.


Outline of this great episode


  • [0:27] Welcome to the show dedicated to teaching you to be a media company that just happens to sell real estate!
  • [2:50] Introducing today’s guest, Rory Pitts, who was also once as reluctant as you may be to put media to work for his business.
  • [4:35] Jerry Potter with This Week in Social Media, keeping us up to date so we don’t have to!
  • [7:22] Rory and I talk directly to agents who aren’t quite sure they can tackle this media thing yet–just like Rory used to be.  
  • [13:50] Rory’s camera use gets him accused of being a creeper in a park, and how he uses that to his advantage!
  • [19:30] If you set aside a family day, let people know that too; they’ll respect it.
  • [23:53] Why it’s important to let people see inside your day on a daily basis.

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