Build your Real Estate business using RENTERS and other unorthodox ideas. – Episode 15
Go Connect App Founder Zach Schabot on Onion Juice Podcast

Go Connect App Founder Zach Schabot on Onion Juice Podcast

One of the biggest reasons I started the onion juice podcast was to shake up the real estate industry. I believe that things need to change. I believe that we are operating according to many antiquated systems and beliefs. When we can revolutionize things according to the advances in technology and society, we will not only make more money, but we will also serve our customers better. This episode of the Onion Juice is all about that. You are going to meet my guest Zach Schabot, a Realtor who has some amazingly outside the box ideas that you’re going to love.


A Real Estate guy who puts his focus on helping renters first.


One of the most incredible things that Zach has done to move his real estate business forward  is to put his focus on renters instead of buyers. That may sound counterintuitive or even stupid, but Zack explains on this episode of The Onion Juice how real estate agents can focus on renters in a way that makes them lots of money over short and extended periods of time. You’re going to be amazed at how simple this is once you hear it, so be sure you listen carefully and take some notes. Its an action step you could go out and do today and explode your business.


Why renting instead of buying is becoming a lifestyle choice for Zach’s clients.


Many people who are considered part of the Millennial Generation are choosing to rent instead of buying. They’re doing so as a  lifestyle choice, which means they want to do it because it fits their lifestyle better. Zach has learned that this is a powerful market to tap into and if there are ways traditional real estate agents can leverage the trend to their advantage while servicing these clients with exactly what they want and need at the same time. I’m confident that any real estate agent can put these things into practice right away and make bigger changes to their business for the better.

How Zach has worked with builders to get more business for his real estate company.


If I told you that you could work with builders to get more clients and more contracts, you would probably immediately think of going to the home office in speaking to the president of the company. that is one way to go about it, but today’s guest, Zach Schabot has discovered that instead of going to the president, it’s more effective to go directly to the agents in charge of selling the homes. That personal connection enables Zach to connect with the people on the ground or in contact with their new buyers. Zach has made many agreements with these agents to help those who are buying homes from them sell their previous home. From one relationship alone he sold 12 homes. Listen to what Zach has to share and think it through for your market. You’ll be amazed at how simple this is.


Building a mobile app that Real Estate agents really use!


As if today’s guest wasn’t busy enough, he has also gotten into the app development market. He was sick and tired of dealing with content management software that didn’t deal with the most important aspects of his real estate business, and on top of that, wasn’t mobile. He realized that most of his transactions and to do list we’re getting done outside his office, so he took matters into his own hands and had an app developed to do exactly what he wanted. On this episode you can find out how to get your hands on this amazing app that really helps you become more productive in your real estate business.


Outline of this great episode


  • [0:24] My introduction of his guest, Zach Schabot.
  • [1:29] How Neil met Zach and why he’s on the show today.
  • [2:15] Who is Zach Schabot, what’s he doing, and why?
  • [3:20] What it means to service “renters first.”
  • [7:23] How Zach finds clients who want to rent instead of buy.
  • [8:20] How many agents are looking for renters? Not many, and here’s why that’s a great thing.
  • [10:04] Zach’s niche work with builders and his unique ideas to partner with builders.
  • [11:46] Why builders and their agents loved working with Zach to get their new homes sold more quickly.
  • [13:26] Tweaks you can make to your buyer and seller agreements that maximize the relationship OVER the transaction – and they WORK.
  • [18:14] How to get a free copy of these buyer, seller contracts.
  • [19:51] The app Zach as created: GoConnect – how it came about and why.
  • [27:13] How to connect with Zach.

Resources & Links mentioned in this episode


neilmathweg (at) gmail (dot) com – to get your free copy of the buyer/seller contracts. – the mobile app Zach created.


ZachSchabot (at) gmail (dot) com


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