The RIGHT way for REALTORS to do a listing appointment – Epsiode 21


Hey, welcome back to Onion Juice. I’m Neil Mathweg, your host, REALTOR, and fellow entrepreneur. I’m here to help you increase your business and maximize your life as a REALTOR. Today I’ve got something very special to share with you, something that has changed the way I think about the services I offer my clients and the way I approach Real Estate sales overall. It takes the form of 15 questions I have learned that I ask my potential clients when we sit down during a listing appointment. I’m convinced this is THE way to do a listing appointment for maximum effectiveness, and my hope is that what’s on this episode of the podcast will empower you to be more effective and get more listings for yourself as well.


Why curiosity is key in dealing with your Real Estate clients.


When you walk into a potential client’s home, what’s on your mind? What expectations do you have? What do you foresee the appointment being like? If we’re honest, we have to admit that none of us really know the answers to those questions. Why? Because every client, every seller is different than the one before. THEY bring things to the table and the listing and sales process that are unique to their situation. That’s why in order to be the most effective Real Estate Agent you can be, you have got to be curious: about them, their situation, their home, their history; it all goes together. On this episode I’m going to walk you through how I channel that curiosity into my listing appointments to not only get more listings but to position the entire process for greater success.


The first thing you HAVE to do at your listing appointment.


When you arrive at a potential client’s home for the listing appointment, do you know what you should do first? It’s not a tour of the house. It’s not a conversation about the weather. The first thing you want to do is have a relaxed conversation sitting around the kitchen table. That enables you to set the tone for the conversation as a relaxed, relational one, an environment where they feel at ease and see you as a real person, just like them. Then…. you pull out your secret weapon: questions. Find out what questions to ask and how to ask them, on this episode.


Why questions are the power behind a successful listing appointment.


As a REALTOR, one of your biggest goals is to understand your sellers, to know what they think, feel, and expect regarding the listing and sales process. Why are those such big goals? Because when you know those things you know how to meet their expectations and even surpass them. You know how to make them a happy client who is likely to refer others to you in the future. You know how to make the experience a positive and powerful one for them. Questions show them you care, that you want to help them accomplish their goals, and that you want to serve them in the best way possible. On this episode of Onion Juice, I’m going to give you the exact question I use in every listing appointment and give you the opportunity to download a hard copy of those questions so you can learn them for yourself.


Make sure you’re listening, not carrying on a dialogue.


At your listing appointment you don’t want to talk WITH your clients, you want to listen TO them. There’s a big difference. When you’re listening TO them, you are letting them talk. That enables you to hear their concerns, fears, wants, wishes, expectations, and even their disappointments from their past experiences with REALTORs. That empowers you to know what the potential pitfalls will be in the relationship and how you can avoid them. It also positions you to serve them in the best possible way. It’s your responsibility to make sure you know what your clients expect and need, and the only way you can find out is by listening TO them. On this episode I’m going to teach you how to keep your mouth shut and listen… and ramp up your listings at the same time.


Outline of this great episode


  • [0:29] Neil’s introduction to this episode on listing appointment breakthroughs.
  • [1:40] How you can get my listing process sent to you, step by step.
  • [3:42] How to turn the listing appointment upside down for more effectiveness.
  • [4:27] Neil’s process for setting up the listing appointment and getting the listing.
  • [5:10] Why you want to sit at the kitchen table and talk with the seller first.
  • [6:00] The questions you should ask the seller (get these sent to you, see below).
  • [13:00] The ice cream sundae approach to your questions.
  • [14:45] Clarifying the seller’s role in the listing process and sale.
  • [16:00] The question that STICKS with your clients and empowers the listing process.
  • [17:46] Keeping the questions as a “listening” exercise, not a dialogue.
  • [18:43] Preview of next week’s episode: it’s all about Snapchat.

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Last week’s episode: Curiosity to Build Your Business


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