How To Attract New Customers Without Using Social Media – Episode 67

How To Attract New Customers Without Using Social Media - Episode 67Every business person wants to know how to attract new customers, right? It’s how you make your living – serving more and more people really, really well. But I became aware of something lately that boggled my mind – and I want to talk to you about on this episode of The Onion Juice podcast. Here it is: Some people do NOT want to use social media to attract their customers. They don’t feel it fits their personality and style to use it. Wow. That blows my mind. But I think I get it. So on this episode, I’m going to give you some examples you can use to attract new customers WITHOUT using social media. Man, I can’t believe I’m even saying that!


You are like a bear standing at the top of a waterfall, waiting to catch a salmon.


You’ve probably seen the documentaries on TV where the gigantic grizzly bear is standing at the top of a waterfall while the salmon are trying to get upstream. The bear stands there in the rushing water – watching, waiting, timing it just right – so it can snatch a fish out of the air as it leaps up the waterfall. Notice something about that picture. The bear does NOT stand at the side of the river where it would be hard to snatch the fish, it stands in the middle of the rushing stream, where the fish MUST leap up the waterfall. You have GOT to be just like that bear. You have GOT to put yourself in the path of opportunity by showing up where your customers will naturally be. On this episode, I’m going to reveal some of those places and challenge you to get busy creatively strategizing where your ideal customers might already be hanging out – and brainstorm ways you can show up there.


Do you know where your customers are? What are you doing to be there?


One of the most important ways to attract new customers is to show up with expert help, advice, and tips in the places they already are. So… can you think of places that people in need of real estate services like yours might hang out? Maybe the local Chamber of Commerce or their website? Maybe on the phone with local moving companies? Maybe in line at the local DMV or other companies they’d have to do business with to make a move to your area happen? Start putting yourself in their shoes to remind yourself what a person would have to do in order to move to your city. Are there ways you can show up in those places? On this episode, I’m going to share some ideas I have for how you can take advantage of the natural places new real estate customers might be already, so be sure you listen.


Do you have a “Top 25” list for your local area? Here’s why you MUST – and how to use it.


I want you to think for a second about the community you live in. There are shops, businesses, service professionals, utility companies, and more that serve the people who move into your area. Ask yourself this: “Who are the TOP service providers and companies in my area?” Do you know? If you don’t – that’s your first problem. You need to find out who the A-players are. Next – you need to associate yourself with them. Give them a call. Invite them to lunch (you’re buying). And don’t make the HUGE MISTAKE of asking them to refer business to you. Ask them how YOU can help THEM get more business. Ask them for creative ways that YOU can make their job easier. You’ll find something amazing happens when you do this with the top 25 professionals in your area. Can you guess what it is? Find out on this episode.


You don’t have to be online to attract new customers… but it helps.


On this episode of The Onion Juice podcast, I’m trying to help those of you who don’t see yourselves using social media to attract new customers. As you’ll find out from listening there ARE some amazing and truly effective things you can do to make that happen. BUT – I’m also going to make the case for why you HAVE TO figure out a way that you can use social media to meet and serve your potential customers that fits your personality and gifts. And I’m going to tell you a story of how a friend of mine began to open his mind and heart to the way he could use social media – and the difference it’s making in his business. Please – listen to this episode to increase your business. I know it will work for you if you’re willing to grow. Come on – kill the fear and try something new!


Outline of this great episode


  • [0:28] My welcome to you and introduction of this podcast – and the weird name. 😉
  • [3:10] Why you need to be where your customers are.
  • [6:07] Why Facebook is a dream come true for me as a real estate agent.
  • [9:44] You’ve got to discover where your customers hang out.
  • [12:53] How you can attract customers without using social media.
  • [14:35] Build your own “Top 25” people.
  • [17:18] Discover and attend network events.
  • [18:35] My friend who is a children’s musician – and his story as an example.
  • [23:10] How you can become part of the OJ Facebook group.


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