How to Become an Authority in Your Real Estate Market – Episode 87

How to Become an Authority in Your Real Estate Market - Episode 87At a baseball game recently, with a group of about 25 people, my wife made some observations about how I didn’t “work the crowd” but people just seemed to gravitate to me, and why. It got me thinking that I wanted to teach people how to attract people, and what it takes to be seen as an authority in your Real Estate market. So, in this episode, I’ll tell you more about my wife’s observations about how I attract people, and then I’ll give you eight practical tips for gaining authority in your market.

What does it mean to have authority in your market?

Having authority in your market means that when people in your area think of Real Estate, they think of you. You become a household name, and people are drawn to work with you. But how do you make this happen? In this episode, I will talk about ways you can relate to people and work with them that will attract them to you and make them feel comfortable. That is the first step toward becoming an authority. Listen in and begin to establish yourself as an authority in your market!

The difference between attracting business and chasing business

As “media companies that happen to sell Real Estate,” we want to focus on attracting business instead of chasing it. But for a new agent, chasing is necessary to get started. In this episode, I’ll talk about the chase and how it helps you get moving, and I’ll tell you how to then move on from the chase and begin attracting business instead. Listen in and find out how to move from just getting started to becoming an authority in your market.

Be a servant, not a salesman

If you relate to your clients as a servant, not a salesman, you will likely get not only their business but also their referrals. A lot of coaches out there would think this is ridiculous and will and push you to be a salesman and get the conversion. In this episode, I’ll explain why being a servant instead of a salesman will be more effective in establishing yourself as an authority in your Real Estate market. And that is just one of the eight tips we’ll talk about. Listen in and begin moving toward becoming an authority in your market!

Different is better than better

“Different is better than better.” I don’t know where I got this quote, but I love it. If you want to become an authority in your Real Estate market, you need to stand out. Be different. Do something that makes people think of you first. In this episode, I’ll tell you how I did this in my market, and will also point you to some others who are doing it well. Listen to this podcast and then get started thinking about what you can do to be different instead of just better!

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:26] Introduction to the Onion Juice Podcast.
  • [1:19] Inspiration from a baseball game: What my wife says I do to attract people.
  • [4:35] Having authority in your market.
  • [5:04] Thank You to our sponsors, and info about Roundbox Coaching.
  • [8:14] Intro to eight tips for gaining authority in your marketplace.
  • [8:47] #1 – Get yard signs out there.
  • [10:28] #2 – Be a media company who happens to sell Real Estate.
  • [11:34] #3 – Post success on Facebook (in addition to other content).
  • [12:29] #4 – Be a servant, not a salesman.
  • [14:23] #5 – Offer a courtesy moving trailer.
  • [16:27] #6 – Constant contact. Be a presence in the mail.
  • [17:55] #7 – Host client appreciation parties.
  • [19:19] #8 – Different is better than better.

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